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Harvest Moon

Well, I said hello and goodbye to Ass (don't think I spelled that right....does it have an 'e'?)--aka Rob--tonight. ::sniffsniff:: We had fun, though, playing catchphrase and making endless Homestar references. ("The guy wouldn't know majesty if it came up and bit him on the face.") Eating orange cinnamon rolls and popcorn (I hate popcorn, but I eat it anyway).

Ran into Garrett Westlake today....weird. He looks totally different from how he did in high school...I mean, his face has completely changed, but I could still tell it was him. Weird.

Went to http://quiz.ravenblack.net/ and, after vampiring around for a while (check out the site--you'll see what I mean), took the quizzes and found out that I am a scorched earth tank (or a defender-ship), tomato-flavored (or chocolate-flavored), a top hat (or a translucent visor), and terza rima (or blank verse).

But the best part about today was the night sky when I took Lellie home. It has been thundering and lightning all this evening, but it was so beautiful when I took her home because I could see the billowing clouds flashing in the distance and just down the horizon from those tremendous cumuli was a crescent harvest moon, low, jutting out of a purply-blue cloud. It was so beautiful I kept staring at the sky instead of the road. It was like the sort of storm you get at the beach, where you can see it way out over the water and there's a warm wind and the moon is still out, strangely, and all you can do is sit there and watch the loveliness of it all.

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