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Wind and Water

Messy splashy heavy drops on my lower windows last night. Hidden by the screech and hum of traffic enough that you wonder if maybe it isn't rain after all. I pretended and willed it to be rain and forced my glasses onto my face to find out and found lovely water spilling and pounding across and against the glass outside. It was lovely and has been long in coming. It rained some a few nights ago, but I was asleep. I miss glorious Southern storms. The power of electricity and danger of water around it. (My total aversion of water aside. Lessee you nearly drown and maintain of love of the liquid.) Rain seems different, somehow. Maybe because there's nothing at the depths of it, waiting to snatch you to pieces, waiting to make you scream. You don't fall into it, it falls into you. I love stripping down after freezing, inescapable rain cements my clothes onto my body, warming myself with a thick towel and a soft bath.

The wind is wild here. It doesn't whip around corners the way it does back home, escaping and careening around mountains, but it gusts like a huge, flat hand, trying to sweep my little car off the interstate. It took me a while of driving here to realize that it wasn't that I'm a bad driver--the wind just keeps blowing my car back and forth in its lane. Little pitch to the right, slight swerve to the left. There are such open, flat places here you wouldn't believe. You could see a storm coming for days. Watch it form and fade before it even reached you. It's amazing. I do miss the achy lure of ancient mountains rounded by time, but my greatest love has always been and will be the sky. I gave up hope of joining the Air Force after college when I realized that my bad heart would keep me grounded. It's okay though--being in it isn't the same as encompassing it with the roundness of my eyes.

We train ourselves to curb the senses, but I try to relish certain ones every once in a while. (I have to admit that sight gets more love than any of the others.) But never mind that--I'm too tired to write about the love of my eyes.

Things are busy busy busy but they're going well. Tomorrow is the first day of school. I start teaching on Thursday. I hope it goes well. No half-assed teaching here. Profs could drop in to watch any day, so I have to be good. Plus, each lesson builds on the lesson before it, so if I screw up my lesson, the person after me will have to waste a lot of time fixing things. And that would be very, very bad.

I'm heading to bed early tonight because I'm going to get up early, to watch a class tomorrow. I won't count it towards one of the requirements of another class I'm in because it doesn't really fit the bill. Do have to remember to visit classes for that other class, though. Hmm. Better write it in my schedule while I'm thinking about it.

Off to get ready for bed, then to bed itself.


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Sep. 20th, 2005 06:13 pm (UTC)
This was beautiful. It stormed here yesterday. There was a lull between storms when I was able to bike home and stare at the dark, textured clouds. I thought about writing about it, but thought that I couldn't do it justice in words. I've been coming to realize that I had missed seeing storms on the horizon as I was always able to in Arkansas - luckily Illinois is just as flat.

Good luck!

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