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Nerd Alert

I have to admit that in spite of all my initial grumbling, in spite of my bad first experience in undergrad with it, I have grown to adore Classical Japanese.

"Let's see, for homework for Wednesday, why don't I have you guys parse and gloss the text in box 10?"


Sitting down in front of the television and working through the grammatical functions of ancient Japanese is like eating ice cream. "This is the yodan verb naru--not to be confused with the copula--in renyoukei because it's governed by the endoactive perfective auxiliary nu, which is in shuusikei because it marks the end of the sentence." I sound like a Ghostbuster or something when I say that stuff. And having Dr. Q smile at me when I get the right answer is magical. (I have such a crush on that man, I can't even tell you.) It's like, "Oh yeah, I have no interest in pursuing a career in this but BOO-YA I can crank it out, baby." ^_^ The little external-positive-reinforcement-dependent nerdy girl in me is just beside herself with joy.

I actually put off doing my homework for that class sometimes, just so I can savor it longer.

Gah, that's sort of disturbing. But I really do love what I'm doing. ^_^ (And anything's better than doing the homework for the Japanese Bibliography class. Anything. I love Dr. T, too, but MAN looking up stuff to look up more stuff to look it up in a language I understand is such a freaking pain.)

Alright, off to parse and gloss!


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Nov. 15th, 2005 06:05 pm (UTC)
You didn't like the classical Japanese at Wash U?

I LOVE reading how happy you are studying Japanese. It makes me wish that I was taking some kind of language course. I'll probably take a language course next year, though. They're offering classical Japanese next semester, but it's from 5:30-6:50 two nights a week, and I sure don't want to do that.
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