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Well, since Of Human Bondage is downstairs and I just don't have the energy to get my fat butt all the way down there and back up here again, there will be no "Of Human Bondage" quote of the day today. ::sob::

Went to Kyoto yesterday. Had planned on leaving the apartment at 11am so that I'd get to KCJS by noon, when I assumed all the peeps would be out of morning classes--I wanted to catch them before they all ran off to get lunch--but I didn't get going until 11am and hopped down onto the platform at Kotoen Station (甲東園駅) at 2-to-12. So I took the 普通 (local train) to Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi Station (西宮北口駅), then I hopped a train to Umeda (梅田) and got off at Juso (十三駅--don't ask, the pronunciation has virtually nothing to do with the kanji involved), then I hopped ANOTHER train, this time headed for Kawaramachi (河原町) (which took an hour) and rode all the way into Kyoto (京都), getting off at Karasuma-Shijo (烏丸四条). I then got on a local line, changing at Karasuma-Oike (烏丸御池) (I think?) and finally getting off at Keage (蹴上). It took almost 2 freaking hours.

First I stopped in and said hi to Fusako Shore-san, then I went downstairs and said hello to all my old teachers (Hotta-sensei, Yamaoka-sensei, Fujiwara-sensei, and that one woman whose name is totally escaping me right now, the one everyone hates so much). Then Shore-san introduced me to the kid who's staying with my old host family right now--he seems like a good kid--and he complained to me about all the problems that I, too, had had with the Murata family. But it was all cool.

I ran into Lin Lin, who screamed joyously when she saw me, then disappeared, going off to listen to some old Homestar stuff on a friend's computer. (Yay, stinkoman!)

It was weird: although all the kids were different from when I had been there, KCJS felt like it hadn't changed AT ALL. It's like a time-warp or something. There were kids who kinda resembled people who had been there when I was there. I saw Brett, who gave me a huge hug (::drools over Brett::) and I sat with him and we talked forever and it was awesome. I saw one of the other girls from Wash U, but I TOTALLY forgot her name.

The whole time I was there, Brett kept introducing me as a new student (which many people believed, weirdly enough--do I really look so young?!) Then I jokingly asked Brett to skip his afternoon class so that he could go shopping with me AND HE DID!!!! Yay!!!! So I showed him Beaver (IT'S THE NAME OF A USED-CD STORE IN KYOTO--AND YES, I KNOW HOW IT SOUNDS), which he hadn't been to before, and I bought $100 worth of CDs (4 full albums and a "maxi-single"--yes, singles are called "maxi-singles" here, don't ask why, I don't know). I got a Namie Amuro single, 先井's (I think that's here name, I can't remember) new album Air/Cook/Sky, ayu-mi-x III, something else I can't think of right now, and another ayu-compilation album. The coolest part, thought, was that one of the ayu albums came with a poster. There was a sticker on the album that said "Old (as in former) Poster" (旧ポスター), but I thought I'd chance it, AND IT WAS THE FREAKING GORGEOUS POSTER FROM HER RAINBOW ALBUM!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!! And it's this insanely gorgeous sky blue that matches the throw my mom sent me, that I used to cover my ugly grey couch. So I hung the poster over the couch and it's freaking awesome (pictures to come later!)

So Brett and I walked around a bit more, then stopped at Starbucks for some coffee while we chatted. (Yes, yes, evil Starbucks, I know.)

On the way out, we ran into this guy that eats at Brett's host family's place a lot. I think his name is Dave. He grabbed Brett in a leaping-bear-hug from behind (which was impressive, 'cuz Brett's so tall and Dave's so short) and said, "Hey! What's up? This here is my ex-girlfriend [indicating Brett]." He is an extremely wild little man who reminds me a LOT of Crazy Tom from KCJS 13. He's been living in Japan for 8 months now, I think, and he STILL can't speak ANY JAPANESE WHATSOEVER. (It takes all types to make the world....)

On the way to the train station (Brett's stop was actually on the way back to Nishinomiya--he lives about 50 min. away from school) we noticed that they were filming along the Shirakawa just off of Sanjo before you get to Kawaramachi (just shy of Tengu). IT WAS SO FREAKING COOL 'cuz there was a famous actor there that I recognized from all these TV suspense dramas. He plays this detective in this new show that takes place in Kyoto (thus they were filming there). People were taking pictures with their phones like crazy, and the producer had to ask everyone to stop using flash and to be really quiet. The scene was so cool because it's where he catches the bad guy and throws him into the Shirakawa (more like a stream than a river) and the bad guy is wearing a blue suit. The bad guy went flailing into the river and made a huge splash and it was so cool. And we were able to get up so close to where the actors were filming. (Kyoto rocks!) Unfortuately it was dark, and we couldn't use flash, so the pictures I took are really hard to make out.

Ech. It's late and I want to get home so I can go to bed already. (I'm starving.)

Just one more day of work and then....THE WEEKEND!!! (I can't wait!) I get to do laundry and clean house! (Rock on!)


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Nov. 7th, 2003 05:59 am (UTC)
I really want the Ayu poster where she's kissing herself. ^_^
Nov. 7th, 2003 07:45 am (UTC)
Gah, if I could only find that poster for sale SOMEWHERE in this ridiculous country...!
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