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Well, until a few seconds ago this WAS a really long entry with all kinds of great information about myself and then the computer fucked up and now it's all gone and I just don't have to energy to write it all over again. Fuck.

Cool Shirt of the Day--1:
"the life for 75baats"

Cool Shirt of the Day--2:
"Beyond the Unknown"

Going to make オムライス (omelette over fried rice with ketchup--or salsa--on top) tonight.

Took a fun foto of my ayu poster and made it the wallpaper on my laptop. It looks gorgeous (and makes me-a look-a so cool-a!) One of the ayu albums turned out to be "ayutrance3" which is just wrong on so many levels. Hamasaki Ayumi just wasn't made to sing along with trance music. It's freaking awful (but it's the album that the poster came with, so it's not a total loss). Started listening to the Yaida Hitomi (矢井田一美) album Air/Cook/Sky last night and it's freaking genius. Every single song on that album rocks. Even the down-songs, even the filler-songs, everything on there is such ear-candy. ::revels::

Well, that sort of sums up the stuff that was lost when the computer decided to BECOME SATAN and delete my entire freaking journal entry. Of course, the original entry was a little less angry and a little more fun, but I can only do so much in my current state of general rage and angst.


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