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School of Hard Knocks

Funny Shirts of the Day:

1) SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS (surrounding a kid saying, "BOLO!")

2) !!WHACK buzz

3) DOWN IT FAST AND HAVE A BLAST and put me on my back

There's one more, but I forgot what it was....it's written down somewhere....

So I went home and attempted to thwart the mites in their great race to overrun my apartment (I think they're winning). Hours and hours of cleaning and destroying and THEY'RE BAAAAAACK. (Left the vacuum cleaner outside in an upside-down plastic bag, just in case they decide to come crawling out IN THE NIIIIIIGHT [Strongbad voiceover].)

Time to fumigate.

Cool happening of the day: walking in to my favorite 1年C組 and Tonai comments in Japanese that I look really awesome (かっこういい)and says that I look like Cameron Diaz (what planet is that boy from?), and then, after class, he calls after me, "Hey, Meg Ryan." That boy is so in love with me it scares me sometimes. The kid next to him asked him if he likes Cameron Diaz (好きか?好き?) to which he answered in the affirmative (ええ、好き好き好き).

Mwaaaaaa-ha-HA-haaaaa I'm a gorgeous blonde MOVIE STAR! (Although I don't see the resemblance to either Diaz or Ryan.)

This has been one of the busiest days of my life. Taught 5 classes, spent lunch and midmorning break grading, worked on the speech I have to give during chapel service tomorrow (going to give it in both English and Japanese--no, not at the same time...I'm not LEGION you know), Sakamoto-kun came A WHOLE FREAKING HOUR EARLY to work on his speech (he's doing the end of JFK's inaugural speech--the poor boy's pronunciation is hopeless) and then Goto-sensei comes by, wanting to talk with me about the whole crane fiasco, then Joe Okamoto wanders around and wants me to help him practice for his college entrance interview thingy and I'm like, "Your head had better be ablaze, boy; don't bother me now, I'm too busy to do anything today" and he didn't get what I was saying at all and said he wanted to practice with me tomorrow and I almost kissed him I was so happy and then I left Sakamoto-kun practicing with Tsukamoto-sensei (poor lady) and then I workedworkedworked until I finally finished my speech (both versions, English and Japanese) at 6:30pm (even though I told Nishimuro-sensei that I'd have him check it at 3:45pm--whoops) and now he's checking it--and taking his royal time--and I am insanely busybusybusy and it's almost 7pm and I still have to go over my speech and practice it, 'cuz I'm going to make a fool of myself in Japanese tomorrow, and I have eaten コンビ二 (premade convenience-store) grub every night this week and I am getting fatfatfat and I have no life and I was going to eat over at Ashizawa-sensei's house tonight but I can't because of this stupid chapel sermon and my ass is grass.


Just had to get that out.

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