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Lamb and Jessi

So I finished "Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal" and although I cried at the end (like I knew I would) it was one of the best books I've ever read. I think all Christians (especially Southern Baptists ::shudder::) should be made to read it SO THEY WILL LIGHTEN UP A LITTLE AND GET A GRIP for crying out loud. (I can say this because I--actually--am a devout Christian. I just don't go around judging people and yelling at them all the time. Christ didn't; why should I? Then again, Christ didn't have to have his period...why should I? I guess I'll just stop, then.) ^_^

My dad always used to say: "I know that God has a sense of humor. Look at the platypus. Only a God with a sense of humor could have made something like that." I love my dad. ^_^

I bought a cellphone yesterday. I asked them if they had any bilingual phones (aka any that are in English) and they had a few models, but they all had video cameras in them and I asked if I could get a phone without a video camera in it and they explained that in Japan they don't make phones without video cameras in them anymore.

Well, in that case....

So my phone is a flip-phone with screens on the inside and outside. It has a video camera and a regular digital camera inside. And it has a beautiful color screen with thousands of colors, billions of ring tones, multiple vibration options (intermittent, constant, slow, fast, strong, mid, weak, etc.) and it's really small and really, really light. It's an AU, which I had before and really liked, so I can dump all the data from my old phone into my new one without having to do anything but take it to an AU store and have them do it for me.

I love my new phone. ::basks in the in-coming waves of jealousy::

Bizarre happening: two weekends ago I was really bummed out because I had to spent my Saturday at a speech contest that one of my students was in (I had coached him for two weeks with his speech and so I kinda had to go) and it was way out in the middle of nowhere (not like I don't live in nowhere now, but still...) and it was gonna eat up a big portion of my day. I got there late, and I scooted in between speeches and felt kinda embarrassed (it took me WAAAY longer to get there than I had thought it would) and (not only did it end up only taking two hours, which meant the rest of my day was free--I could leave after the first half of the speeches 'cuz my kid, Sakamoto-kun, went early) I looked down at the program and saw that one of the judges was JESSICA LANGBEIN. I was so shocked I didn't pay any attention to the speeches, I just kept craning my neck to see around all the people in the room, trying to get a good look at the judges' table and I got a glimpse of red hair and I knew it was Jessi. I was so surprised. After the first half of the contest was over, during the intermission, I walked up to the judges' table and said, "Hey, Jessi." She turned around and she looked so awesome in her new business suit and with really slick new glasses (and I looked like a walking nightmare with my face all broken out and smelly jeans on, etc) and she yelled really loudly (at which all the people in the room turned and stared), "What the hell are you doing here! Oh my gaaaaah!" And I replied, oh-so-smoothly, "What the hell are YOU doing here? How'd you get roped into this speech contest, anyway?" and she threw her arms around my neck and gave me a big hug and we talked and talked and were big, loud, obnoxious Americans together and it was great. I promised I'd call her (which I haven't yet but which I fully intend to do tonight) and then she had to go back and judge more speeches (poor girl). She's living in Kobe and is working at the City Hall there (through the JET program, although how/why they got her a job there is beyond me) and mostly she does busy work and some translation. She hates it, but it IS income. Jennifer Carpenter lives in Gifu now, assumably also through the JET program, and Jessi said that she was going to go visit her two weekends ago.

Going to KCJS tomorrow to celebrate Thanksgiving. I can't wait for that turkey and pumpkin pie and stuffing and everything. Of course, it always tastes a little funny over here, but it's better than nothing.

Yay, Thanksgiving in Japan! ::sniffsniff::

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