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Turning Japanese

Listened to "Turning Japanese" last night while walking home and I couldn't help but laugh at the irony of it. I was surrounded by all these Japanese people, none of whom knew what I was listening to (nor would have understood it, even if they could have heard it). And, gradually, I became aware of the way I've started walking, with my whole body compacted, with quick, narrow strides and minimal arm movement.

Maybe I am turning Japanese.

Nishimuro-sensei laughed at me yesterday because while I was talking on the phone with another teacher I bowed everytime I said, "I'm sorry." (すみません。) I didn't even noticed until he pointed it out.

Next week is the last week of classes. Then FINALS!!! (I love writing REALLY hard exams, especially for my Shujukudo kids. They're such retards: I give them virtually nothing to do and they complain and complain about homework. I always tell them, "You're complaining to the wrong person. Until you've stayed up three days in a row without sleeping, until you've started seeing patches of color dance before your eyes, don't come complaining to me." I am so brutal.)

This morning I woke up around 6:30am because I was thrashing around in my sleep. It was like a mild seizure and my eyes kept jumping around in my head and it was so painful that I had to get up out of bed. In my dream, there were two "teams," kinda, and it was half-video game, half-real life, and by playing these "video game"-sorta-things, I could make one team or another win. The only thing was that the "games" had these flashing, multi-colored strobe lights and when I'd try to just sleep normally, dream about something else, the lights would start flashing and I'd start thrashing around in my bed and my eyes would jerk around in my head until I thought I'd scream from the pain.

So, basically, this morning was pretty miserable.

Then I had class, class, class, and I wrote up my lesson for the PTA tomorrow (I have to teach my students' mothers English tomorrow ::sigh::), and then I have to make copies and I MUST leave by 3:00pm to get ready and at Kotoen (甲東園) station by 3:30pm so that I can make it to Kyoto by 5:30pm in time for the Thanksgiving party at KCJS. Yay, free Thanksgiving food!

Yesterday, my mommy sent me a package with stuffing mix and taco seasoning. Rock on! (It also had many, many quick and easy recipes--including some for omelettes since I had complained that the omelette for my omu-raisu オムライス hadn't turned out so hot. Don't make fun of me! Everybody knows I'm a retard in the kitchen!)

Let's see, what am I thankful for this Thanksgiving? NOT HAVING TO COOK A THANKSGIVING MEAL!!! (I have eaten my own cooking, you know, and sometimes it reminds me that apes eat their own shit. Ewwwwwww.)

Well, gotta get back to work.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

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