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I keep having these great revelations while walking to and from school...I just completely forget them by the time I get around to writing in my lj.

Went to Kyoto yesterday and was only seven minutes late, but it didn't matter 'cuz we didn't end up eating until about 6pm (all that running and wild train-catching for nothing). Lots and lots of turkey (I prefer dark meat, which many people don't like--mystery to me--so I was able to eat to my heart's content). And stuffing. And pie. And mashed potatoes. Etc. It was gluttonous and American and wonderful. It was a bacchanalia of food, food, and more food.

One of the girls there, Ruth (who's from Wash U, actually), was having her 21st birthday yesterday, so after the Thanksgiving feast, we went to The Hub (懐かしい) and a huge group of people ended up coming. It was supposed to be a small thing, but about 25 people showed up. I had a Bass Pale Ale (1 pint), but it was a little heavy, after such a big meal, and I couldn't finish it simply because I was too full.

(Did you know that "Mind your P's and Q's" comes from "Mind your Pints and Quarts?" It was pub-manners, minding your own drink, that started the phrase. How weird is that?)

It was fun, hanging out with my juniors (後輩), even though I had to leave around 10pm so that I could catch a train home before midnight. It actually took a lot less time getting back than it had taken getting to the Center, even though I took a 特急 (limited express--fastest train they've got on normal trainlines) to Kyoto and could only get a rapid express (second fastest train) back. I ended up getting home half an hour earlier than I had thought I would.

Well, I would expound on my latest revelations, but since they've all completely left me, I'll having to remember them and try again later.

Eat up. ^_^

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