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I never even noticed it before. It honestly, honestly never occurred to me. But during my Shujukudo class, today, I looked at my students and suddenly realized: they're all Asian. They are! Really! I had sort of split them up in my mind according to where they had studied, how good their English was, what kind of accent they had. It never even occurred to me that they were all Japanese, or that they were Asian. It gave me this weird, out-of-body experience, which was inconvenient because I was sort of in the middle of teaching at the time.


So, the semester's almost over and that means: must write a thousand exams by Friday, then I have to proctor for six days, then I have to collect and grade all 350 some-odd exams, then I have to give them all back. AND, I have to turn in all 350 bijillion grades in by next Friday, when there will be a 3-hour Christmas PTA party. ::groan:: My next two Saturdays are going to be eaten up by exams (regular proctoring this Saturday; eihan 英判 proctoring and grading next Saturday) and my ONE day off, this Friday, I have to come in to work for a two-hour meeting. (Everybody else gets another day off. But not Tsukamoto-sensei, Nishimuro-sensei, or me. Suckage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I mean, you gotta be kidding me. How many times this semester has this kinda shit happened to me? (Bit my white ass!) Of course, the last laugh will be mine when I'm sitting on a plane headed home and they're all in a meeting on the 19th. (Mwa-ha-ha-haaaaaaa!) I don't care if there's a meeting or not. (Screw you scheduling bastards!!!!!!!!!) I am OUTTA here! (*0*) |/

So here's my response to Nob's fun entry from Dec. 1st, 2003:

1. I'd love to know more languages, but as new ones come in, old ones get thrown out. (Whenever I try to say anything in French, it comes out in Japanese. The scary part: I don't even notice.)
2. TV is definitely evil. Luckily, commercials (CMs) in Japan don't last more than 1-3 minutes. And the commercials they do run are REAL eye candy.
3. I tan really easily, too, but I also get all freckly, so I've been avoiding the sun for the past few years. (真っ白!)
4. I've been evaluating my concept of what marriage (and weddings) really are/mean to me, and I've decided that it's more for the friends/fam/fans than it is for the two people directly involved.
5. Alcohol is so freaking expensive (and I am so freaking cheap) that I am never able to say no to free booze.
6. Amen to number 6. This was by far my favorite to read.
7. Hmmm...problems I certainly don't have in this country. (Actually, that's a total lie--I bought a jacket (black) and a coat (white) three days ago--both with faux-fur trim!--because they fit me like a glove. And 'cuz they were raging trendy. There goes $120!)
8. Bookworms unite! (I read The Agony and the Ecstasy when I was 13 and thought I was so bad-ass.) Sadly, I can't remember anything I read when I was 18....I can hardly remember BEING 18....
9. Told myself I would stop thinking about Alex (that Japanese-German guy). Thought about him all yesterday. D'oh!
10. Amen to that, too. I keep trying to remind myself, "You're in Japan, you're in Japan," but it doesn't really work.

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