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Wanna see me?

In response to wolfgrrl's deedlie about "words to live by" and images of self and so forth, here's my two cents:

You can check out a really dorky recording of me as a freshman, orating on things I know nothing about ::blusheswithembarrassment:: here . (Just skip down to my name: AS.) For shame!

Thought that I live by (words that keep going through my head): "No one is special." It's a pretty new thought/concept for me, since all my life I've lived under the illusion that "I am different; I am special." I've come to the conclusion (for now) that no one is any different from anybody else. There is no such thing as "special." It's just a term used to help people cope with reality. The only thing different between us is context (which is the basis for everthing). No one is special. No one is different. No one is better or worse than anybody else (which has been a pretty hard concept for me to swallow, to be honest).

Well, then, there goes my two cents! (Down the drain....) ^_^


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Dec. 8th, 2003 01:24 am (UTC)
Specialness =o)
I think you can legitmately say that no one is any better or worse than anybody else, but can you honestly say that that equals "no one is special?" A better way of putting it might be, "everyone is special," especially if you consider it from each individual's perspective. You are special as long as someone finds you to be special, and few people are without anyone who believes they are special. Being special might not be unique, but I don't think you can say that it doesn't exist. People have areas in which they are special, groups or individuals to whom they are special, but no one person is more or less special, perhaps. Certainly you cannot beleive that we are all truly exactly the same. That would lead to a terribly monotonous world. Or perhaps I am one of the deluded people you speak of who cannot cope with reality, but I'd prefer to stay that way for the time being, thank you. In any case, I suppose it also depends upon one's definition of special. Saaa, setsumei shinikui kara, gomen nasai kedo, mou sukoshi kangaeta ato de mou ikkai setsumei shiyou to suru wa.
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