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I am so tired....

I'm complete exhausted and I still have another day of exams to proctor. Then I get to grade 305 exams. And I have to grade 140 reading journals. I only got one day off this past week (Sunday, which doesn't really count) and I only get Sunday off this week, too.

I don't think I can make it.

Did lots of shopping Sunday. LOTS OF SHOPPING. (That's part of the reason for the exhaustion today.) Bought these really cool items that I can't describe because they are for somebody who will probably read this. The ladies at the counter were having the worst time getting them back in their original boxes. They kept trying to force them in. The problem wasn't size, however, but gravity. So I suggested in Japanese--very politely--that they try turning the boxes upside-down and setting them over the said items, instead of shoving the items down into the boxes.

And it worked. They were completely amazed. I rule. ^_^

I also bought this tiny spinning Christmas tree made of fiber-optic cables, the ends of which glow different colors as a transparent color-wheel spins inside the base. It's wicked-cool.

Cool Shirt of the Day (one of my kids was wearing it during Saturday's exams):


Gotta be one of my favorites.

Went over to Dan's Saturday night and hung out with him, Caleb, and Sara's boy Toshimitsu. We watched K-1 (gotta love it!) and drank beer and I took pictures of everybody with my new keitai and all was well. Then Toshimitsu went back upstairs and Caleb and Dan and I tried out the new shot bar at the bottom of the hill (next to Happy Video) called "Mamma Mia." The different drinks (it's shots and cocktails) have star-ratings next to them according to how much alcohol is in each one. And alcohol-content and price don't always match up, so it's like a game, trying to figure out how to get the best bang for your buck. The first thing I tried was a Seventh Heaven (I would have written that in Japanese, but this keyboard is doing weird things....) It tasted like turpentine. Which was really, really gross. So after I finished that nasty drink (Caleb and Dan had lapped me by that point and were on their third drink) I washed it down with a Moscow Mule. Which was also rather flavorless, but much better than the paint thinner had been. We didn't stay too long, but it was a really nice place.

Would go into more detail about what's been happening recently, but I'm just too tired and have too much work yet to do. Sigh. Well, gotta fly....

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