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How are you doing? Oh, just swimmingly....

"You will swim again before you die."

"Then I guess I'll just never swim again. So that makes me invincible, huh?"

"Oh, you won't be able to help it. You'll get pushed in, or you'll forget, or you'll give in to peer pressure and people who don't believe you will die at some point after swimming."

"Yeah, right. But, lemme get this straight, until I swim again, I'm absolutely invincible?"

"Hmmm...well, something like that, yeah."

So, this is the very, very weird conversation I had with myself (or someone who happened to be visiting my head at the time) during yesterday's teachers' meeting.

After my little talk, I started imagining all the ways I could be made to "swim" and would I fall for them, etc. And then I imagined myself being thrown off a cliff into the ocean and trying to swim but being so badly injured that I couldn't swim for long and subsequently drowning. Which would definitely constitute "swimming again before I die."

At the same time, I just have to ask myself: am I losing my mind?

Korean sounds so much like Japanese sometimes that I feel I should understand it, but I don't, and it's kinda annoying. Sorta like listening to German, for English-speakers. I SHOULD understand it, but I don't.

212 exams down; 88 left to go. I now average about an exam a minute, which means an average class takes about 44 minutes. So I have about 1 hour and 28 minutes left to go. Sigh. I can hardly see straight anymore.

Tomorrow: grade 150 reading journals and 4315 tiny pieces of paper (I'm going to just skim most of them--who's gonna stop me?--heh, heh, that makes me sound so much worse than I really am), and buy traveler's cheques and dollars (cash) at the bank. PTA Christmas luncheon (3 hours) on Friday, Eihan proctoring and grading and subsequent drinking with coworkers on Saturday. Church on Sunday morning. Shopping after church. Return graded stuff on Monday. Write-up for cranes. Clean up. Tuesday and Wednesday are off (more shopping and getting stuff together). Brisbane Boys College (High School) students are visiting the school during the closing ceremony on Thursday. Friday I go back to the States. ^_^

I'm exhausted and I haven't even gotten half-way through the week, yet.

Just now, just now, got a phone call from the so-mu-ka. Never bothered calling them back. Was supposed to call them two weeks ago. ::howembarrassing:: Yoneda-san called because she was worried about me. Ack, I feel so bad.

Maybe I should get her a Christmas present....


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