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Not to say that the honkin' big dust mites are gone, but now I truly have spiders to add to the great equation of "How Freaking Horrid Can Abby's Apartment Get?" Pulled my black leather boots out of the shoe closet two days ago and these big spiders with white round bodies and spindly legs came screaming out (at least, their mouths were open in silent screams). So I squished them with tissues and checked out my boots and found that THE SPIDERS HAD BEEN EATING MY LEATHER BOOTS. OH HOLY LORD how much more of this shit can I take? This is absolutely ridiculous.

To top it off, when I took my suitcases out of the closet (to begin the initial stages of packing for the break) I looked really closely at them and one was covered in dust mites. Now, I don't feel like I can really say "covered" (definitely not in comparison to the way my apartment was before), but there certainly were a lot of them, they were big, and they were crawling around very rapidly. I have yet to open the suitcase (I'm dreading what the INSIDE looks like), but, suffice it to say: unlike what I had previously thought, they are NOT all gone. I also found a few in the kitchen.

This all on top of all the days off I HAVEN'T had, the stress of gradinggradinggrading, and meetings and extra work and I just broke down yesterday. I sat in my room in my PJ's and cried and cried and cried. I mean, how much is it to ask for an apartment that ISN'T infested with bugs that won't freaking go away? So I itch from the dust mites biting me, I have been bitten several times this semester by spiders (even though the personnel office swore up and down that it was a centipede, not a spider--those fuckers, what the hell do they know?!), I haven't had a day off in so long that when I actually get to come home BEFORE 5pm I feel like I've had a vacation, I barely have time to go to the grocery store enough to keep basic essentials (i.e. milk) stocked in my fridge, much less to clean the shithole I live in....needless to say, I'm a little stressed out and waaaaaaaay tired.

I need a house-husband. Or a maid. Or SOMETHING to clean while I'm away. I mean, I'm at work ALL THE FUCKING TIME. And it's not like a normal 9-5 job. Oh, no. I work 8:30-7:00. I work Saturdays. Sometimes I even have work on Sundays, depending on what needs to get done. And there is all this dicking around that just really pisses me off.

Case in point: today (unbeknownst to Dellming-sensei, Ashizawa-sensei, or me) they (meaning Tsu-sensei) scheduled an English department meeting for 3:45. Ashizawa-sensei was about to leave because she had to let in the baby-sitter for her son, Liam (isn't that the greatest name? even though it doesn't work in Japanese) because she had to be at the JR Nishinomiya Station by 4:59 to meet the boys who are coming to visit us from the Brisbane Boys College (BBC) because Tsu-sensei assigned her that crappy job, even though anybody else (especially people without a child at home) could have done it, when Tsu-sensei started asking her to help him clean out the recording studio downstairs (which was HIS job, not hers). To top it off, he "informed" her that she was going to be picking the boys up by car (hers, using her gas) and she was going to haul around their luggage in her car (he was going to pick the actual boys up in his own car), which he had sort of forgotten to mention EVERY SINGLE TIME WE'VE HAD A MEETING ABOUT IT THESE PAST TWO MONTHS. Then, to make it even better, he told her that she couldn't leave since we had a meeting at 3:45 (which he hadn't told any of us foreigners about). Ashizawa-sensei said that, no, she wasn't going to attend the meeting, and he got all huffy about it and she told him that he should have informed her of it earlier. So she came back upstairs and warned me (too bad for me). Dellming-sensei didn't know about it either (I had to break the bad news to him).

Happily, I'm exempt from tonight's dinner party with the BBC boys. Although I'd kinda like to meet them....nah, I want tonight off.

Tonight I'm gonna hit Midori Denki; then tomorrow it's shopping at Sannomiya and then any extra shopping I might need to do; Wednesday is a doctor's appointment early in the morning and then a late lunch at Murata-sensei's house (Ashizawa-sensei'll be there, too); Thursday is a teacher's meeting at 9:30 (thankfully it's that late--I can sleep in a little), then closing ceremony at 10:00, then Miyadera-sensei and I have to give the BBC boys a campus tour (snore), since nobody else would do it, then we take them out to lunch, then I get to go home and finalize my packing; Friday, I leave earlyearlyearly and take the bus from Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi to KIX (Kansai International Airport) and check my bags and get on that plane and fllllllllyyyyyyyyyy to America, yeeeeeehaaaa!

Btw, heard that they captured Saddam Hussein. I was definitely surprised by that (but not as surprised as I was at the fact that I read the kanji for that and UNDERSTOOD IT, yeah!) フセイン元大統領 身柄拘束. Yeah, baby! ^_^

Well, it's just before 5, and if I leave now, it'll feel like a day off (see above), so I'm outta here. No more work for me. Nuh-uh. Nope. Nada.


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Dec. 15th, 2003 08:03 am (UTC)
Awww poor Abster. Sounds like you've had a hellish time with all the bugs. :( Come over the Friday I get into Nashville and we'll have a bug-free evening!
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