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Movies Movies Movies

I'm going to movie-myself-out while I'm home because it's hard to get to a movie theater near where I live in Japan, it costs about 15 bucks for a single ticket (no matinee prices) and they don't have very many movies (and those they do come out really late). For example, Bruce Almighty and Finding Nemo came out just before I came home.

FINALLY saw The Return of the King (which won't be out in Japan until February).

Have been home for a week, but have another week and a half to go. Life is good. (I still don't wanna go back.)

Will describe the Christmas haul in a later entry (lots of small items so I can get them back to Japan easily). Two things I have to mention now, though: got Pirates of the Caribbean and an iPod. Oh, yeah.

Came down with a cold Christmas Eve morning and I'm still sick, although it's gradually starting to clear up. I am also fatfatfat, even though I've lost a bit of weight since I got home. (Nothing is fat-free in Japan, which sucks. AND there's no turkey, which REALLY sucks.)

Much love, happy holidaisies and whatnots to everybody.

(I need to blow my nose.)

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