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Final hours...

Time is running out. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh, it's the worst feeling in the world. Leaving bright and early Sunday morning, which means pulling an all-nighter Saturday night while packing and moping about how I don't wanna go back to work (I'm such a baby).

One more week would have been perfect. Just one more week and THEN I'd want to go back. I'm just not ready right now.

Grandma was in the hospital all last night and we really didn't think she was gonna make it this time (Aunt Betty always freaks out, though, so it's hard to tell what's critical and what's her over-reacting). This time seemed pretty bad, though, and she's still in the hospital and not doing too well (although she's not QUITE on death's door). It certainly made for a stressful New Year's.

2003 has been one of the worst years. So many awful things happened; it's incredible. Deaths: Mr. Rogers, Mary Interlandi, Johnny Cash, John Ritter (and almost my grandmother). Bad things: senior thesis (which is humiliatingly bad and now on file at Wash U for all eternity), change of medication, went off my parents' insurance, War in Iraq, countless suicide bombings, earthquake in Iran, tsunami in Japan, Bush as president, etc (this list could go on forever). And, yeah, there were some good things (I'm now financially and geographically independent, I graduated magna cum laude from Wash U, I got a job with great pay, my hamster is still alive even though she's pushing 2 1/2 or possibly even 3 years, and everyone in my family is still alive) but all in all I'm glad it's over and done with. It was grueling and awful and now it's finished, which is fabulous.

Things I'm dreading this new year: Ruby's death (there's no way she's going to make it another year), 60+ hour work weeks, gradinggradinggrading, Rob's return to KG (PLEASE don't let him come back, PLEEEEEEEEEEASE), Sarah Schipper et al's leave. There are other things, I just can't think of them right now.

Bought a bijillion (14) DVD's yesterday, to keep me company when I'm alone in my aparment and am starving for English.

Saw Mona Lisa Smile today WHICH HAS TORI AMOS SINGING IN IT AND SHE'S THERE AND I WAS SO SHOCKED I GASPED OUT LOUD AND NOBODY ELSE KNEW WHO SHE WAS BUT I DID AND IT WAS SUCH A PLEASANT SURPRISE. ^_^ It's sad that I don't listen to her stuff that much anymore 'cuz in many ways I'm emotionally beyond it/I have too many painful memories associated with certain songs, so it hurts to hear it most of the time. Think I'll try listening to it again.

Gonna go watch Cold Mountain with Tagg and Dowin tonight. Don't particularly want to see the movie, but I wanted to hang with Tagg, so away I go. (Maybe I should bring a book to read--just kidding.)

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