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I'm back

As much as I hated getting on that plane to come back, once I got here it was kinda good to get back to work (aka the old grind). Classes start tomorrow morning and Nishimuro-sensei and I still don't know what we're gonna do for our 4 sophomore classes tomorrow. Sigh.

Got a lot of nothing done yesterday and the day before, although I have done some fabulous cooking, if I do say so myself. Made garlic shrimp two nights ago (awesome) and cooked up a crab and spinach casserole that had waaaaaaaay too much crab and not nearly enough spinach in it. It's basically inedible, but it looks incr-edible. (Ooooh-hoo-hoo, I'm so clever.)

It snowed on the way to work this morning. I stepped outside and was confused by this whitish wet stuff that kept hitting me in the face (the reason I was surprised by it was that it never snows here and it was perfectly sunny this morning--I'm not usually that retarded).

When I got back to my apartment on Monday I was shocked to find that not only were there no ダニ, but there wasn't any mildew or mold, either. Yay!

Went to the doctor's yesterday. Things went pretty smoothly (except for a moment of stupidity when I had trouble figuring out how I was supposed to get my medication--they have this electronic display that shows numbers only they skipped over my number and I thought they just hadn't filled mine yet but apparently it means "anybody with a number less than or equal to the currently displayed one can get their meds now"). He said he thought my dad's name was familiar and said he knew who he was and that his picture was all over the place in Japan, in medical journals and such. He was also a little more guarded this time around and was a little harder to talk to (he also upped the speed of his Japanese and it was kinda hard to understand him sometimes, aside from him using all these words I didn't know). He droned on and on about how sorry he was I had to wait (even though they assign you an appointment time here, you just have to wait until all the people who showed up before you have gone) and about how they just can't change the current system to be more like the US or UK (for some reason I couldn't quite make out). I said I didn't mind waiting at all, but he just kept going on and on. Oh, well.

I'm sure there are billions of other things I'd like to write about, but I just can't think of them right now.

The break was great; I just wish I had had one more week. Then it would have been perfect.

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