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Sloppy Paste from an Email I Sent to Nina

Had a glorious 3-day weekend during which I played Diablo II (I'm in such video-game withdrawal it's killing me). I'm almost to the point where I'd be willing to play a Japanese RPG in Japanese, just to be playing an RPG. My greatest outlet of escapism has been taken from me and it's frying my brain ohholylord! (>_<);

Of course, I also cleanedcleanedcleaned (dunno why I wrote "of course," there's no "of course" about it) and now my apartment is so sparkly neat and tidy and, well, clean, that I just want to stand in it and bask in the glory of its cleanness (cleanity?).

And I made some wicked-good food, to top it off. Between the garlic shrimp, the crab and spinach casserole (which I still haven't gotten right, but it IS edible) and the pan-seared tuna steaks (which are wicked expensive but make the BEST sandwichs in the universe) I've been in seafood heaven. Think I might make chicken tonight (wow, that's sad: it took me three tries before I could spell "chicken" right--I'm losing my mind, I swear).

Dad got Mom "The Memory Bible" which is this really cool book (no, it has nothing to do with the Bible) that helps to get your brain in gear so you can remember stuff better (to help stave off the effects of memory-loss due to--what they used to think was aging but what is really--not using your brain). Sometimes I think I need my own copy. Or two. Or three. How many was that? Oh, I can't REMEMBER!

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