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The wind in my face

Went wild on Monday and finally bought a bike. I had been meaning to do so forever, but I just kept putting it off, since I couldn't find a bike shop nearby. (Found a semi-massive ASAHI bike store during my second trip to Mystery Midori Denki--see earlier entry, I have no idea which one but it was sometime in December.)

So I went to the bike store and nobody would help me and then finally this guy came over (I was the only person in the whole freaking store) and he was waaaaaaaaaay, I mean, WAAAAAAAAY, cute and he explained all the features on the different bikes and I finally got this nice one (forgot the brand name already but I'll remember it again someday) and it has a green body and I spent a little extra, getting insurance on it (they'll replace it if it gets stolen, plus I get 10% off parts and repairs--pretty good for $20) and buying a basket that doesn't have those stupid big holes in it. The mega-hot guy put the new basket on it for free. And he used these pneumatic drills that they had hanging from the ceiling. There were only two guys working there in a space that was just workable for two bikes and they had (I kid you not) 7 pneumatic drills hanging down in that one little space.

I want a pneumatic drill that hangs down from my ceiling. ::pouts::

It had been so long since I'd ridden a bike in Japan and it was great. I got totally lost coming home and ended up heading back the way I'd come at one point, but it was cool.

And I got to sneak a peek at the Yakuza-run fair going on at Mondo-Yakujin, which was kinda neat. And I got to get a quick glimpse of Mondo-Yakujin itself, which is pretty cool-looking. Unfortunately, now my butt is massively sore from all that biking around on a hard, small seat, but it cuts my commuting time in half, so it's all worth it.

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