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So, last night I had this really, REALLY amazing dream about having the best sex ever (trust me, it was good) with this Asian guy (he looked more Korean than Japanese) and we were being all lovely-dovey stupid after the [f]act and then I woke up and had to go to work and forgot about the dream completely and stood around in my bedroom and whined about how I hate my job (which is only partly true) and got ready and went to work and started up my first class of the day (which I teach alone) and looked down at 加納君 (Kano), one of my students AND REALIZED THAT THE DREAM HAD BEEN ABOUT HIM. (ToT) <=my face with tears pouring down my cheeks


I mean, no, it wasn't him in the dream, the guy in the dream was my age, BUT HE HAD THE SAME FACE. (ToT) Ew-wah!

Was gonna include a "cool shirt of the day" but my notepad is in the other room and I don't feel like worming past all these other crazies to get it.

The TAX OFFICE came by today and checked that everything and everybody had a sticker saying when it was bought and with whose money. There were a lot of things stolen by Rob Pope (not to name names) and so we got in a lot of trouble, trying to explain where things were and why.

I have less than a month and a half to spend my "research money" (研究費). Mary Chang is spending hers on a trip to a resort in Thailand. Hmm....

Went to the Coop yesterday and bought a bed-pad ('cuz I've lost enough weight now that my bones grind into my rock-solid mattress--that thing has NO give). I've been waking up every hour or so, aching all over, 'cuz there's no great pad-o-malley, I mean, pad-o-fat protecting me from my surroundings (環境).

Going to be teaching the kids tomorrow and the rest of the week about "filler" words and gutturals. Yippee!

Going to plan my trip to New Zealand tomorrow, after work. Yippee!!! I'm going to see the Shire! ^_^ Anybody wanna come with? Hm? Hmm?

I have a shiny green bike.

Saw this creepy thing that my dad had accidentally recorded on a tape of Extreme Makeovers that he put together for me about this guy who sent a sulfuric (sp?) acid bomb to Bjork. He bound it in red leather and hoped that she would open it and it would disfigure her face, since she never responded to his letters. He thought she had rejected him. After he put the package in the mail he went home and videotaped himself putting a gun in his mouth and making a breezeway out the back of his head. Ew-wah! I was completely creeped out. It was this whole Diane Sawyer thing about stalkers and I was like, "Uh, yeah, been there, had that done to me...." They said that most people brag about having had a stalker, like it makes them attractive. I hope I have NEVER come across as bragging. I always use it as an example of HOW THINGS CAN ALWAYS GET WORSE when talking to people who tend to blow things out of proportion. Stalking can happen to even the ugliest people, so looks or personality have nothing to do with it (although, I must say, I am wicked-cool).

I need an Extreme Makeover. My nose goes one way and my smile goes the other. Nrr? I'm a walking nightmare when I smile. I mean, I scare myself in the mirror--how horrifying must it be for the Japanese people all around me?

Nishimuro-sensei said that when I laugh and smile, the class really warms up and the kids get really responsive, but when I'm pissed, things get chilly. You know what--he's right. I tried a little experiment last week and it was so true. It was wicked-weird. I mean, I laugh ALL the time, at everything everybody says, but still, when I was really pissy (PMS, what can I say?) the kids were totally closed-off.


Well, it's late and Ocarina of Time is calling to me (I'm playing it again). Whee!

Much love.

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