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Unedited Past from an Email to Zeph

"I always think happily of propping my feet up on the dash of the pick-up with the windows down and my bare legs covered in sweat in the summer heat. Definitely one of the happiest times of my life. In many ways it was a summer in my life. Not THE summer of my life, but one summer. I guess I'm sort of going through a spring now that is still chilled from a harsh and lengthy winter. Things haven't begun to bloom, yet, but I know that someday they will. Someday soon."

Now on to the rest of today's entry:

Cool Shirt of the Day:

"We don't mean what we say."

C組 has been writing sayings on the small blackboard in their classroom. Most of the things they've written are more or less the same as the original sayings, such as:

"The course of true love never did run smooth," and

"Life has ups and downs."

But there was one, on a blackboard all by its lonesome, in big, strong, white, chalky letters, reading,


Thus is another Japanglish expression born....

Stomach all upset again today. Heart screwing up, too. The latter wasn't pumping my blood hard enough and I thought I was gonna pass out. Maybe I should clog up my arteries to get my heart working a little harder.

My blood is quicksilver.

Went to Poplar for lunch with Murata-sensei. It was nice. I had spaghetti with meat sauce, and I got the "set" lunch, so it came with two kinds of bread and a small, oily salad. She got the 和食 set, which looked pretty good, but was way more expensive than my 洋食 (even if it did have raw salmon, which looked really, really good).

They sell dandelions at my local grocery store. And they aren't cheap. I used to play with dandelions as a child in my backyard. Who knew one day they'd be staring at me from behind their shrink-wrap in a country that doesn't have half the sounds needed to produce the word "dandelion?"

I love my brain: the more I think about this comic, the more ideas come flooding into my head. 考えれば、考えるほど...。

Must get back to work.

So many ideas floating around in my brain....

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