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Someone's playing classical Hungarian songs on a wacked violin next door.

It was snowing pretty hard (considering that it's Nishinomiya) this morning. Biking through it was so refreshing. Woke up this morning with everything from my knees down a block of ice. Thought I had thrown off my covers during the night. Realized that it was just really freaking cold.

Temperatures plummeted last night for absolutely no reason. Which is kind of nice 'cuz it was starting to get warm.

It's darkly overcast outside and it's beautiful. It's too warm to snow anymore, but it is pretty. It makes me want to move up into the mountains or someplace with cliffs over the sea where it rains a lot and is gloomy and morose and great for creating an artistic "mood." I'm in a creative mood now, but I have no time to create anything.

Have to write that essay in Japanese for the school newspaper for Matsuura-sensei.

Found out that Mazda is actually "Matsuda." Never would have figured that one out.

Have 150 reading journals to grade by next Friday. My ass is grass. Too bad I can't smoke it. (It's gonna get smoked, anyway....) Sigh.

Discovered (after having completely burned the bottom of the first attempt) that white wine doesn't always work as a substitute for chicken broth. Tried making that--wow, the wind is whipping wicked wild outside--seafood pilaf with fake crabmeat. It turned out okay (the second time), but it was REALLY sticky. Guess I discovered an easy way to make sushi rice (although normally they make the rice first and THEN stir in sake). Was gonna have the leftovers for lunch today but forgot my lunchbox in the fridge. AGAIN. FOR THE BIJILLIONTH TIME. What is it with me and my inability to complete a single, simple task? Hmmm?

Gotta go teach again. Always always teaching. Five classes yesterday, five today, essentially six tomorrow (no break in the whole day). Think I'd better skip chapel service so I don't have a complete mental breakdown.

Maybe I'll make sushi this weekend (since I re-discovered the simple secret to making the "special rice").

Must go.

Random P.S.: saw Eve6 at WILD when I was a frosh, I think. One of the best concerts I've ever been to (not to mention that Max had his shirt off--he's the first man to ever make me wet myself without touching me). Ah, fond memories.

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