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I should have KNOWN today was going to be bad.

Didn't have a single break today. Worked all through chapel time (didn't bother going) and through my free period (3rd period), writing this stupid article about myself for the school newspaper, which wouldn't be so bad, except for the fact that I had to write it in Japanese. Anybody else here doing it would lose about 10-15 minutes of their time. It took me three freaking hours to finish it (I had to re-write it on this form when I was done getting it proofread by Masa).

So I've been either standing up or writing like a mad woman. My wrists ache from my carpal tunnel syndrom. Of course, typing doesn't help....

Spent my free time during 5th period helping out in one of the rooms of the English Intensive class's debate tournament. Would have been okay except that one of the judges (they were all students) is apparently hyper-super-ultra-mega-anally-sensitive and he got upset that the other students and I were confused by the team the judges collectively chose to win. I sort of laughed it off, so that the team that lost wouldn't be as upset by it, but Mr. MeHeadSoFarUpMeAssMeCanNoSeeOrHearAnythingButMeOwnButtCrunchings apparently got hyper-super-ultra-mega-anally-sensitive and was somehow offended. After school he came into the English department room and went on and on about how I had laughed and yelled and made the losing team get angry because I went on and on about how the judges were all wrong. EXCUSE ME?! WTFFFFFFFFFFF?!?!?!?! He kept pointing at me and talking heatedly with Carolyn in Japanese, saying it was all MY fault the other team got angry. Well, exCUSE me Mr. AnalEars, but when the winning team thinks it's a cruel JOKE when told that they won, and when EVERYBODY ELSE in the entire room is confused and thinks they heard everything wrong, maybe you ARE wrong. Maybe you fucked up, Mr. SelfAssSniffer. Mr. MeSoAnalMeNoShitForLongTime. And the fact that the fucker started CRYING while talking with Carolyn I think helps my side of the story. I wasn't watching him (I had turned back to my work, since I had so much of it to do and I wasn't just gonna sit and listen to somebody accuse me of shit I didn't do, thinking I don't UNDERSTAND because it's in fucking Japanese), but I could hear the tears in his voice, and when I looked up--sure 'nuff--there were tears in his eyes. I don't like to put people down because I was so emotionally scarred in middle school by people putting me down, but this is a little much.

WHAT A FUCKING LOSER. CRYING about people disagreeing with him. WTF? Looks like SOMEBODY needs some medication.

So I had a really long, exhausting, rotten day, a dumb-ass kid got mad at me because he's mentally damaged, and I still have another 125 reading journals to grade by the end of next week. It doesn't help things that I'm finished up my TEN DAY PERIOD.

When I menstruated as a kid (hey, I was 10 when I started), it was like beautiful clockwork. It would start every 28 days and would last for 5 days. That was it. No more.

NOW, I menstruate for 10-12 days. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhh!!!

I am so fucking tired. I'm going to finish the G-class reading journals and then I'm going home.


Got this out-of-the-blue email from Masako Arimura (one of the PTA moms I teach English to) saying that she had met this girl from Slovenia (formerly Yugoslavia) who was living in Kobe and had no friends. So I emailed this girl (26, named Mateja Werbuc), and it turns out that she's been living in Kobe for a month now. She gets off Tuesdays and Fridays, AND SHE'S AN AU PAIR. I almost screamed when she told me. After all those au pair horror stories in the 90's I figured that had gone out of practice, but apparently not. I just hope she's getting treated well. I mean, I assume that a Japanese family that had enough money to hire an au pair with would be at least stiff and formal and polite (if not nice) to her, so things shouldn't be too bad, but still....it seems like an evil dead-end job to me.

Will probably meet her next week. Just have to see how my schedule goes. (Entrance exams are next week. Several sections of 90-minute proctoring periods. My feet are going to murder me.)

Those reading journals are screaming at me.


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