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So There Were These Twins....

The more I've been working on ideas for this comic, the more my brain has been working. My brain has been too dormant for far too long. The weird thing is that as my brain works, coming up with new concepts, details, characters, et cetera, it's been bringing up these memories that I had TOTALLY forgotten about.

Case in point: when I was about 11 or 12, I had this thing for these twins. They were a year older than me, I think, and they were totally different from each other. The "older" one, cool and calculating, had jet-black hair and just looked evil. There was something about him that said, "I am a bad-ass, and I will take the world down with me when I die." He totally fed into my dark side and I was completely smitten. I think his name was Alex or Alec or something, but I can't remember.

Then there was his "younger" brother. I thought his name was Jason or Joshua or something, but I'm not sure what his name was, either. (Then again, maybe they both had names that started with "J." It's been too long since I last thought of them.) His chocolate-brown hair and soft, puppy eyes were beautiful. He looked so innocent. He totally touched my carefree side and I was in love. He smiled and laughed all the time, and he always seemed so relaxed, while his brother brooded constantly.

I think eventually I kind of settled on the latter. I was definitely hot for the older one, but the younger one was more of a "long-term" guy, while the older one was really a "fling" type. They came from an extremely weird family (if the Adams' Family were debilitatingly anti-social...) and had a much younger sister named Meg. She would follow me around, wanting to be with me, but she was shy and afraid of socializing. I always wondered if she had been abused. She had that sort of distant, yet needy, mousy-ness that abused people often seem to have.

I am the Comma Queen.

So, stupid conversation I had with myself last night. I was thinking about Shun coming over to my apartment (said that he would need a place to crash if he came and visited Kobe/Osaka) and about what his first impression would be (other than that stupid smell that I absolutely cannot get rid of). I imagined him checking out the bathroom and noticing that everything was blue. Then I imagined him asking me about it and my replying, 「ああ、それはね、青いが好きだから。」 "Oh, that's because I like blue (aoi)." Which, besides being grammatically incorrect (it should be "ao," not "aoi," is also Shun's last name. So basically, the conversation--had I actually said it ::horror::--would have gone:

"Wow, everything in your bathroom is blue."
"Yeah, that's 'cuz I'm really into you."

Nrr? Inner thoughts/feelings popping out, perhaps? Me being completely retarded, perhaps? I mean, it was totally punny, which is so me, but still....

Apparently I still like him.

Which is strange because if anybody were to ask me if there was anybody I was in to, I would say, "No." Actually, I first figured out that I like him when I saw him in the line at Holmes Lounge and I hadn't seen him in a while and he came up to me and I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him. Eeeek. I never just "hug" people like that, especially since I didn't even really know him then. My body completely did its own thing. I think I was more surprised than he was. He hugged me back, and I was jovial (such a good word, jovial) and congenial (another good word, congenial) and we talked and became good friends after that, weirdly enough. Although, after he left, I sort of whacked myself in the head a thousand times, "Wtf was that, Abby? Crazy, stupid lunatic." And then I patted myself on the back, "Nicely done. Kept it smooth. Nice boy-hug that left me tingling and giddy. More ice cream for you (not that you need it now)!"

I wonder if he knew.

Probably not, although if Arian was able to figure out that I liked him, SURELY he knew. Nina told me that Ellen had told her that Arian had told her that Arian has this fantasy about Shun and me "getting it on" in Japan. Ew. The creepiness factor of that is sky-high. And poor Ellen, having to hear from her lover/boyfriend: "Btw, I have this fantasy about two people and neither of them are you." I told Shun about it and he said that it was immature. I agreed, but I'm leaning more towards "eepy-creepy" than "juvenile." ::shudder::

Although Shun and I had this one non-date date once. It was one of the best days of my life (although I must have smelled like a horse). We had just finished taiko practice one Sunday morning in March or April, I guess, and the weather was GORGEOUS outside. Thurteen was having its carnival that weekend, and Shun asked me after practice if I wanted to go with him to check things out. I said yeah. Nina came along (I asked her to go without thinking and Shun seemed a little turned-off by it) but she got really anti-social and left after about an hour--guess we were kind of ignoring her (sorry!). We got these turkey-legs and ate them and they were messy and wonderful. And we talked about all kinds of things and made a mess of our lunch and then we bought tickets to see one of the shows and it wasn't as funny as I had hoped it would be, so I was kind of disappointed, but Shun seemed to be having fun, so I let it go. Before the show started, though, we had some time, so we went to the tables behind the Music Department Building and I napped while he studied Bio, I think. Well, I sort of napped, but mostly half-watched him and enjoyed the glorious weather.

And I kept wondering, "Does he like me, does he like me?" 'cuz I knew he had a girlfriend, but once, when he said he was going over to her dorm after practice, I asked who she was (I didn't recognize the name) and he said, "Oh, I'm just going over to a friend's." 怪しいなぁ。 So I kind of always hoped deep down (in a "Hi, I'm a dumb middle-schooler" kind of way) that he liked me, too.

But on that beautiful day, it didn't matter if he liked me or not, 'cuz I was having the time of my life. Even if we were just friends, it was no less wonderful an experience, and the day was no less perfect.

All this thinking about Shun-chan has brought up all these memories. Like the time we were supposed to paint an ad for a taiko performance on one of the walls by the underpass and we ran out of paint or something, so we went to go buy some more and ended up going to Jack-in-the-Box and eating ourselves silly and wasting away the day and nobody could find us. It was so much fun. And we came back, full and happy and got yelled at, but we didn't care.

If nothing else, it's enough that he's a really great guy who's friends with me. And I like him as a friend.

Wow, all these happy thoughts have really brighened up my day.

The kids find out today at 4pm if they got into the high school here or not. So we should see some smiles (and a few tears).

My boobs feel bigger today, for some reason. I dunno why. I noticed it this morning when I got dressed. The weird thing, of course, is that I know they're smaller (since my bra is mostly empty and I always lose weight there first and gain it there last). I'm losing weight oh-so-slowly, but it's finally starting to show, which is nice. I may be buying a bikini this summer (in fact, you can count on it).

The only problem, of course, is finding a way to get sunscreen on my back....


I AM SEXY AND BEAUTIFUL TODAY!!! Hear me roar. ^_^


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Feb. 12th, 2004 08:05 am (UTC)
AAA abby i just discovered that i screwed up and you accidentally weren't on the lj filter that i made of journals i read most, i thought you hadn't been writing recently until i just checked your actual page! man i'm stupid. now i've got to go read all your entries! sorry!
Feb. 13th, 2004 02:36 am (UTC)
Wow. You've got a lot of reading to catch up on. Glad you finally figured it out. ^_^

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