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You Just Can't Make This Shit Up

Here's the latest greatest of the most recent reading journals I graded this week:

(My title) About the Theory of a Plot Against the Life of the Late Princess Diana:

Although a part of this report was a front report, since it got interested very, the journal of it was carried out. That I read this report and considered first is why Diana former princess rode in the car. If a plan to kill itself was formed, why didn't it protect in advance? It is also wonderful why a very important proof currently written that he way moreover be killed was hidden until now. I make [mind as some incidents of other are surely involved] it this incident. Strange action of former a steward which becomes Diana former princess action is also mysterious. When the information that he may be killed was gained, why was a letter sent to a steward, such as the police? This incident is full of a mystery. And this Diana former pricess--since he is dead. it is puzzling too many an assassination case etc. is very favorite although I am bad to the dead man. When verification of former President Kennedys assassination case is also television in the meantime, it became unconsciousness and has seen. Even if when comes, the incident in which do not arrive at an answer but it is forever wrapped in darkness is like. Therefore, I also want this Diana former princess's incident to have wrapped it in darkness forever and to remain as a tradition. P. If it can do at a university. although S I will think that I want to go to the law department, do I do like verification of various incidents in the law department?

Jan. 30th, 2004

How the fuck can I write "positive feedback" when I get stuff like this? I mean, it's funny to read, but I can't honestly say much in the way of "well said" or even a simple "good job." The best I can do is, "You made me laugh really, really hard." ^_^

I'm so evil.

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