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How I Spent My V-Day

This entire weekend was a total waste. I got home Friday night and didn't leave until this (Monday) afternoon. (Well, okay, so last night I went out around midnight to take out my trash and my PET bottles for recycling...but other than that!) I played Majora's Mask and swore and swore and swore until I could swear no more. I did a little tidying up, but my apartment is still more or less a disaster.

On V-Day I cooked this really good shrimp and veggies in marinara sauce with red onions and garlic and macaroni. It would have been perfect, except that the shrimp had been frozen and when I thawed it out on the stove it had this really "shrimpy" flavor that seemed a little suspicious to me, but I ate it anyway. My heart started skipping around in my chest, which worried me (the same kind of thing happens when I drink red wine sometimes), but how could the shrimp have gone bad if they've been frozen?! Unless there's some sort of super-bacteria that thrives in freezers after only a few days....

But aside from the strange shrimpy flavor, it was really, really good. I used this Napoletana (sp?) sauce that's divine. (Must buy more!!!)

Then I sat myself down with the chocolates Mommy sent me and a lot of alcohol and UNDERWORLD (Mommy sent that, too--I love my mommy!!!) and had a FABULOUS evening. By far one of the best V-Days I've had in a long, long time.

(Although I have to admit that Selene's outfit was a total rip off of Gally's from Gunnm. There, I said it.) Which is a shame 'cuz now they can never make a live-action Gunnm (which may or may not be good, I dunno).

Kishiro Yukito is my IDOL.

I absolutely did NOTHING on my comic this weekend. I keep dreaming of making it big, putting out issue after issue and having tons of fans BUT IT'S NOT GOING TO FUCKING HAPPEN IF I DON'T START WRITING/DRAWING, NOW IS IT?!?!?! I imagine this beautiful comic (book form, naturally--serial form sucks ass). It is whole, and complete, and beautiful, and it is mine.

I draw for myself. The message is for the fans.

The only problem is that I'm quite obviously NOT drawing. I think part of me doesn't want to get started because I know that it's gonna be all wrong and I'm going to have to start all over again.

Went back last night through my old drawings and looked at that Genji comic I did three two years ago. Never finished it, but it really wasn't that bad.

I think I'm going to start with some shorts, first. (Short comics, not short pants.)

Should get to work. Am going to show The Truman Show in class this week, but I need to make some handouts for the kids, to help them follow along. Am going to explore "media rights" versus "personal rights." This should be good.

Must go, as usual.

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