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Watched a massively lame Steven Seagal movie two weekends ago because it was on TV and it was in English. He and his niece are stuck on this train that a crazy guy who used to work for the Pentagon hijacks so that he can hack into these anti-missile satellites so that he can blow up the Pentagon, a few commercial planes, two stealth planes, and anything else people are willing to pay him a million dollars to do (he had the ENTIRE Middle East on the phone). Super quote: "Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups."

Well, then.

Watched "Wild Things" two nights ago because: A) it was on TV, and B) it was in English (my two rigid criteria). I am now: A) dumber, and B) uglier for having watched that movie. (Shoot my kneecaps now!)

Saw Beat Takeshi on TV last night. He was giving out awards at some ceremony. Suddenly this girl gets up on stage to receive and award and she takes off her dress. So the press gets some publicity shots of her with Beat's arm around her and he totally just grabs her boob and gives it a good, hard shake-and-squeeze. Eeeeeee-fucking-ewwwwww. She jerks away, but he's too fast for her.

Completely lost my dinner on THAT one.

Want to write more but I've got a bijillion things to do and I'm STARVED and my lunch is screaming my name.

And I'm so amazingly sick. (I sound like a demon when I laugh!)

Must go.


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