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I spoke too soon

So all that shit yesterday about nothing ever happening to me? Eh-heh. My bad.

Saw Dan yesterday during the 5th-period debate tournament we had both agreed to judge. He said he would be free later that night and I told him to give me a call if he and Sara and everybody else decided to do something.

Worked until about 7:40pm, packed up my stuff, hit Lawson's on the way home and picked up several chu-hai, a salty dog, and a screwdriver (i.e. stuff to get trashed with). Was halfway through my second super-chu-hi (double-size), when Dan called, saying that the university teachers had just had a "party" at school and that the after-party had moved to Sara's apartment. Said that they were low on drinks, so I should bring whatever I had. Put a lychee-flavored drink, a salty-dog, and an asahi aqua (beer in a blue can) in a plastic bag and went over. Met a few new people (there were 3 Koreans there, one named Seo Dong-Jin) and this guy named Steve (not Eriko's Steve, although he was there, too).

Steve was a pretty cool-looking guy. Mid- to late-forties, short black hair with silver streaks, thick-rimmed glasses, a graying mustache and goatee, a black shirt, thick fingers, and an enormous gut. Artistic-looking. He was funny, he had a knife in his pocket, and he pretended that he knew how to mix drinks. (Somebody asked what he could make and he replied--I kid you not--"Well, there aren't any mixes here, so...." I was SO disappointed.) He grabbed a cup for me and set about making a drink called a something-Sunrise, but I forgot the name (vodka, cranberry juice, and a lime). He had made a single for Michelle and she was well on her way out. I asked for a double, after finished up my second super-chu-hi. Throughout the evening he kept grabbing my gargantuan mug and taking sips from it. Then he'd usually make me a refill and give it back. I thought it was a little weird, but I was jabbering with Eriko about positively nothing forever and ever in Japanese (we complained about the hardships of being a foreigner in Japan....even though she's Japanese--but what else do foreigners in Japan talk about?).

I noticed that that Steve guy had started giving back massages to girls. I was totally not surprised, but I was still talking with Eriko and then that Dong-Jin guy began talking with us. He's 21, Korean, and very, very cute. He taught us some Korean phrases ("Chau-song-ham-ni-da" means, "I'm sorry.") Then Steve took my cup away again and started drinking strangely from it, so I lost completely lost interest in drinking (by then he had made 1 double and 3 or 4 singles for me).

No, somebody wasn't trying to get me drunk....

I was right in the middle of a conversation with Eriko and we were talking really, really fast, when Steve suddenly grabbed my wrist and pulled me down on the floor at his feet. It didn't hurt, but I was a little surprised. He started massaging my back, but I was still busy talking with Eriko, so I ignored him. After about 10 minutes or so, he half turned me around, twisted my legs around each other, and did the worst job of getting me to lie on my stomach. It was so stupid. Then he started massaging my lower back. He totally got in Eriko's way--she had been sitting beside me--and I called for her to come and talk with me some more. Steve obviously was not to be outdone. He straddled my ass and kept massaging (like that was going to impress me). Normally that sort of thing would have turned me on, but the guy was old enough to be my dad and I wasn't impressed by his lame attempts at seduction.

At one point in the evening (before all this) I went to the bathroom, saw how out of it I was, and realized how much I had needed to get drunk like that. It had been months since I'd gotten really good and drunk, and I was hurting from it. I needed to get plastered last night (although I didn't really get that bad).

So, Steve was sitting on my ass, in the middle of Sara's apartment, and I was having a nice conversation with Eriko and ignoring him. Then he rolled off, sending Eriko away, and lay on his back, looking at me. I propped myself up on my elbows--no way I was going to get close to him. For the next hour or so, we talked about all kinds of things: primarily Michelangelo (my greatest love) and ghosts (Steve apparently believes in them and wanted me to, too, it seemed).

The first thing he said after he rolled off was: "Pretty good, huh? Looks like I found all of your spots." Nrr? I think he was waaaay more drunk than I was. By then I was starting to sober up pretty quickly.

Then next came the killer line: "Would it weird you out if I said I wanted to kiss you?"

I said, "No; I've heard that before," which is true. I wasn't weirded out and I have heard that before. What I didn't say was: "Hey, yeah, you're old enough to be my dad, you're drunk, you're dumb, and I haven't had NEARLY enough to drink to be impressed by you." While we talked he kept rubbing my ears and brushing my cheek and pretending to accidentally hit my ass with his hand. I just let it go because it didn't bother me and I didn't care.

Eventually, though, I got tired of the conversation and the sick attempts at seduction and got up with the excuse that I had to go to the bathroom. Eriko caught me halfway there and we ended up talking for another hour (never did go to the bathroom, but it's okay since I didn't need to). Steve was obviously disappointed and pretended to have a phone call and eventually left.

Those of us left went outside and smoked a cigar for awhile, then went home.

Ooh, Ashley just called. Gotta go meet her. We're going shopping in Kobe.

I'll probably never finish this entry (and I will never be able to express my disgust with an old man's obvious attempts at seducing me). The funny thing is that he thought he was getting me drunk. What an idiot (although I look like a lightweight, apparently).

Oh, well.


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Feb. 28th, 2004 12:15 am (UTC)
The thing he made you is called a Cape Cod. Moron. ;)
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