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Dre-e-e-e-eeeeeam, Dream, Dream, Dream...

For the past few months I haven't really dreamed much (except that one weird dream about two weeks ago where Cameron Diaz told me all about her psychological problems and we became great friends--weirded out!) since I've been getting more than enough sleep.

This week, however, I haven't been getting my daily dosage of REM, so I've been having really fucked-up dreams.

Well, okay, I'll be honest: the dream two nights ago about Seth Green wasn't fucked-up...not figuratively, anyway....

SethGreenIsMySecretVice. I feel like a scary stalker-person, but he just does it for me. It's totally weird. He's not my type: he's short (3 inches shorter than me), funny-looking, obnoxious, skinnier-than-me...at the same time, he's hilarious, he has a fabulous[ly wicked] smile, and he's [frequently] a redhead. Maybe I just like the characters he plays (guys who can't get any). I LOVED "Can't Hardly Wait" because he was so fucking cute in it. (The movie itself actually caused some mild brain-damage.) He won't age well, I can see that already, but he's still pretty cute. Of course, I also like Danny Smith, the guy who plays Merton on Big Wolf on Campus (another vice of mine) just because he's so stupidly (cutely!) dorky. ^_^

Okay, now that I got that out of my system. I had an extremely messed up dream last night. I dreamed that I had just gotten to Japan and had to spend the night in the same bed as the head of the English department (he was acting as a father figure) because that was "how it's done in Japan." Or so it was explained to me. Suddenly, the guy starts copping a feel. Only it wasn't me. Or, it wasn't my body, anyway. The breasts were a lot smaller and I was really, really bony all over. So I turned around and beat the ever-loving shit out of him. I wrestled away from him, kicked him repeatedly in the torso and head, then shoved the base of the palm of my hand through his face.

I happily avenged myself.

Then I turned and saw that in the melee my poor toy dog had been severely hurt. He was bleeding all over the place and wimpering in pain. His face had been totally destroyed. So I turned him over and put the parts back in place (he was sort of half-organic, half-mechanical). He stopped whining and I sewed him up and he ended up being okay (miraculously). Then I woke up and realized that I had killed the head of the English department (but he deserved it, so it was okay).

I think I'm a little stressed out.

I have a million things to do this week, then Aya and Shun are coming to visit me, then I fly to NZ. I just hope I can relax for this vacation. Couldn't find the book I wanted in Kobe yesterday, so I might just go to Osaka and try looking there. They had Lonely Planet books for New Orleans, New York, New Cambodia (?!), but no New Zealand. So I bought two travel guides in Japanese, but it's sort of stupid, since I speak English and they speak English in NZ....doing everything in-between in Japanese is sort of もったいない (a waste).

Must get back to work. I'm going to die having spent most of my life dicking around on a computer, I swear.

More scary dreams to follow, I'm sure. ::dreadstonight::

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