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Almost There...

Just a little while longer and I'll be done with grading.

Then I'll go home, do lots of laundry, wash the 3 billion dirty dishes that are sitting in the kitchen as I sit here on my ass, eat, sleep, get up, contact Shun-chan and Aya, go to Kobe, get New Zealand dollars, meet up with Shun and Aya, hang out all night, go back to my place, crash, get up, pack furiously, kick Shun and Aya out, catch a taxi to catch a bus to catch a plane to...

...New Zealand.

Day 1: arrive, get a rental car, find my hotel (The Ibis)

Day 2: get up early, go on a Lord of the Rings tour that'll last all day, come back to The Ibis exhausted

Day 3: shop a little in Wellington, pack up, drive to South Island, hop the ferry, keep driving for about 3 or so hours, hike up in the mountains for a few hours, find a motel, crash

Day 4: keep heading south, hit Queenstown, do some more hiking, take fabulous photos, hit another motel, crash

Day 5: go jetboating (within an inch of my life), hike some more, another motel, crash again

Day 6: head northeast along the coastline, get some pretty shots, try to make it back to Wellington

Day 7: head to Waitomo and hit the glowworm caves and maybe do some blackwater rafting

Day 8: return to Wellington, return the car, hop a plane back to Japan ;_;


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