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I am going to ex-partriate

This country is so fucking cool. The people are laid-back and awesome, the countryside is to die for, and I can justify paying exhorbitant amounts of money by telling myself that the exchange rate is better than it actually is.

Drove a million miles from Wellington to Waitomo Caves yesterday. They closed SH4 (but neglected to tell me) so I ended up getting really fucking lost (which set me back about 90 minutes) but I got some really gorgeous photos out of it. I've been driving like a crazy person and snapping photos as I whip around turns at 120kph.

Driving on the left side of the road is a real stroke of genius. I am now the master of not driving into traffic head-on (only did that twice and I was busy trying to figure out where I was at the time).

MUST NOT REACH THE PARENTALS: went against all common sense and picked up four hitchhikers. First picked up two German guys (one was really hot) and then picked up two Canadians (one of them was hot, too). Dropped the Canadians off at Taupo and the Germans off at Levin (north of Wellington on SH1).

Saw the Glowworm Caves in Waitomo and Craters of the Moon (thermally active area) and Huka Falls in Taupo.

Drove all the way back to Wellington today.

The only bad parts of the ENTIRE trip so-far: not having an adaptor for the power outlets here (the ones at this hotel are all in use and both my camera and my computer are about to die), and something else but I completely forgot what it was.

I've taken about 120 pictures at the point.

Going on a LOTR Rover Ring Tour tomorrow at 8:30am sharp. Going to Rivendell and Hobbiton.


I haven't driven in two months. Damn but doesn't it feel good to be behind the wheel of a car.

Am driving a year-old Mazda. The Japanese are too fashionable to have a car for more than a year or two, so they send their "old" models super-cheap to New Zealand (all the better for the Kiwis). 6-disc CD player, automatic, 2.3-litres, sapphire blue.

Oh, yeah.

That baby can turn on the head of a pin (fuck dimes--they're too big).

Must go to sleep. Am totally wiped.

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