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Today has been very, very bad.

I woke up this morning, got ready, then went to get my bike so I could make it to school on time.

MY BIKE WAS GONE. Either I misplaced it (highly likely) or somebody stole it (also highly likely).

And I had forgotten to put on deodorant (criminal). So I had to run back to my apartment, put on deodorant, then run to school.

While I was running, the strap on my bag broke. So I had to run weirdly while carrying my bag in one hand.

I made it to school just in time, had a mild heart-attack, then found out that I didn't have to be there for another half hour.

Taught 'til 1:35pm. Then had to oversee 大掃除 (big clean-up). Couldn't find the kids who were supposed to be cleaning for me. Finally got them together and made them clean. Then a last-minute meeting was called for 3pm, then 3:10, then 3:15, then we finally had it at 3:20.

That ended at 3:45, then there was a last-minute English meeting called for 4pm. It's now 5:10pm and we STILL haven't had that meeting yet. Since I was a good girl and finished all my work before I left for New Zealand, I now have absolutely NOTHING to do.

Score one for the good girl. (Oozing sarcasm.)

Like I told Nishimuro-sensei today when I found out that he had to come to school tomorrow because one of his students was tardy one-time-too-many: "It isn't fair that we get punished when others are bad." He didn't get it.

The Japanese are gluttons for spending more time at the office than is necessary.

Found out today around 4pm that since Tsu-sensei is a flying prick who wasn't able to hire the part-timers he was supposed to, I might have to work an extra four or five hours for the first few weeks of school, starting in April. I already have more hours than anybody else, and now he wants to add another four or five?

Eh-hem, NO. Flying, fucking, prick, no. It was HIS fault the people backed out at the last minute, so it's gonna be HIS sorry ass on fire next month. He don't like it? He can fire me (all the better for me!)

("And I'm reaping all the benefits!" -Jon Lovitz in "The Wedding Singer")

It's not that I hate teaching, it's not that I hate living in Japan, and it's not that I hate my students. It's that I hate the system at this school. It's that no matter how well or poorly my students do, it's my fault, and they still get passed on to the next grade, anyway. It's that they can be horrible the whole time they're in high school, and still get automatic placement in the University here. It's that nothing that I do here matters AT ALL. Nor does anything anybody else does.

THAT'S what I hate.

Just a slight rant before I go to YET ANOTHER pointless meeting where we will "vote" (as in everybody except Ashizawa-sensei and I) on who the English department will fail and who we will allow to pass (which means that everybody will be passed and the meeting will be a complete joke).

Did I mention I hate my job?

Oh, btw:

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Mar. 15th, 2004 01:30 am (UTC)
Erm, well, if it helps, I love reading your entries.
Mar. 15th, 2004 10:06 pm (UTC)
To be honest...it does help. ^_^

Thanx for the kind word.

Missing you.

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