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Oh, the pain

Worked my ass of last week. I thought I would DIE before the week ended. Went to a tea ceremony with Ashizawa-sensei on Saturday. Did a modern version (got to sit on uncomfortable benches, for which I was greatful), soon followed by a more traditional version (sitting seizan--aka, "in great pain"--with feet folded underneath for about 2 hours). My legs went absolutely completely numb--I couldn't even wiggle my toes or anything. Since I'm a foreigner, I have to be SUPER-JAPANESE, otherwise people here always go, "Damn foreigners. WE would never do anything like that." Which is total bullshit. So I didn't shift my position for fear that I'd be ridiculed. Thankfully, some Japanese girls there who had just graduated from college shifted their weight to the side and began massaging their feet. I took their cue and shifted my weight as well, although I left off the rubbing-the-feet part. And then I sat back up before they did.

Good foreigner.

Hung out with Dan and Toshimitsu on Saturday night. Drank Cape Cods and played Smack Down (pro-wrestling game--PS2). Pretty fun, although I ended up not leaving until 3am, which fucked up my sleep schedule for the rest of the weekend. So I've done nothing but make up for lost sleep all week.

Might be going to a Sumo wrestling match on Thursday with Dan and his mom. Can't believe I've been in Japan this long and STILL haven't been to a live Sumo competition yet. I've seen Kendo and Judo and anything else you can think of ending in -'o', but not Sumo.

Might finally FINALLY get the internet at home (for a mere $15 a month, at that). Which, considering that it doesn't charge by the minute, is amazing.

Finished the initial write-up of the "Classroom English" book. Will present it at the English meeting tomorrow.

Will probably go shopping to use up my 研究費 (research fund) on Friday with Ashizawa-sensei.

Btw, Arimura-san called me Shelton-san the other day, which really pissed me off. Who does that woman think she is, anyway? She is SO condescending to foreigners, and yet she thinks she's doing us a service by pestering us all the time. Damn backward Japanese woman. I mean, honestly.

Discovered that God has forsaken Nishinomiya.

Fucking figures.


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Mar. 23rd, 2004 01:11 am (UTC)
internet access at home = yay!!!

oh i meant to ask you last time i replied, what's your email address?
Mar. 23rd, 2004 04:11 pm (UTC)

Waiting to hear from you! (Although sometimes that addy doesn't always work, if it gets full of spam. In that case, try again after a few days.)

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