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I have to say that the last two weeks have been hands-down the worst break of my life. It was supposed to be a chance to relax, unwind, and get my mind back in gear for the coming academic year (which starts this Friday). (Year-round school is the devil.) But so many things went wrong the last two weeks that I don't really know where to start.

I guess I'll start with the first week (it sucked considerably less than the second).


Spent nearly everyday (except Friday) shopping with Ashizawa-sensei, trying to just get the fuck rid of my stupid research money by the 31st. Went to Yodobayashi Camera (3 million floors of electronics and more!) with Carolyn and stayed for about 7 hours. I thought my feet were going to KILL me long before I left the building. About 6 hours into our excursion, a security guard started following us (unfortunately he was Japanese and has never seen a Bond movie in his life, so he was REALLY OBVIOUS and DIDN'T KNOW IT). I guess it looked a little weird: two foreign women spending roughly $2000 in a single store and buying really random shit over the course of the better part of a day and getting special "business" receipts for everything. Plus, we paid for everthing in cash. We'd split off and buy more stuff and then meet back up. And Carolyn ran a little low on cash at one point so I gave her a ¥10,000 bill (about $100) from my sketchy bigwhiteenvelopeofdoom.

It all sounds funnier than it was because (more likely than not) I'm telling it and my dear readers aren't experiencing it.

We also found a fro-yo place which I was all excited about 'cuz I'm a fro-yo junkie and they don't have it here in Japan, but it turns out that it was literally FROZEN YOGURT, like they had taken that tangy shit from the refrigerated shelves at the local convenience store and stuck it in the fridge for a few decades.

Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed.

Friday and Saturday I completely vegged like I had never vegged before. I had run into Fukuda-sensei in the train station and she said that she would give me some tickets to go and see this art show in Osaka that sounded really cool, but we ended up not seeing each other and so I just figured that there was nothing I could do about it, even though I had been really excited about going to see it (remember this, it comes into play later on).

I have to go plan for this next year (haven't done any planning yet, but neither has anybody else). Will recount the much suckier second week in a later entry.

Per usual: sigh.

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