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The First Day of School

It's the first day of school in the new school year (yeah, Japanese school starts in the beginning of April and goes until the end of March--thooooooooooose fuckers). And yet I feel so good. My voice is WAY out of shape and kept almost-cracking while I was lecturing during 1st period today, but I managed to make it through the class alright.

Takebayashi is in my 言語コミュニケーション class. Unbelievable. He must love me. Yes, that's the real reason. (OML, I've lost my mind.)

So, what I REALLY wanted to go into today was this weird (yet good) dream I had two nights ago about Shun-chan. Apparently I'm way more into him than I thought I was. 'Cuz in the dream he was sorta over at my place but we were crashing at an airport and his mom was there (I've never seen her before in my life, and she didn't really look like him in my dream, but she said she was his mom, so I just took things at face value) and she had brought sleeping bags for everybody and there were futons and sleeping bags and pillows and shit everywhere in this airport. And then Shun took me aside and asked if I'd like to go on a date and I asked him if his mom'd be cool with it and she said yeah and then he and I were officially going out.

And I was happy.

We didn't actually get to make out or anything--especially since we were in public (you just don't do that in Japan) and his mom was right there--but it felt good. It was almost a release. A kind of, "Well, thank goodness we finally got THAT out of the way," sort of thing. (Although part of my brain was nagging me because I had sworn never to get in with a doctor because my dad's a doctor and when he's on-call it's hell for everybody.) And I'd want a guy who was THERE. Maybe not always when I got home, but at least part of the time.

A guy who likes cooking. I could go for that. A guy who likes cooking, has a real job, but does art on the side (but doesn't try to compete with me). And he's tall and mildly handsome and has broad shoulders and a wicked-sharp sense of humor. And of course he has to be smart (but not QUITE as smart as me). And good teeth (that's my dad's rule, although I DO see the value of a guy with good teeth). And an Equalist. A true Equalist (not one of those "oh, yes, I'll believe in your rights so long as you sleep with me now and then I'll fuck you over later" creeps). And he has to have beliefs that are basically along the same lines as mine, although I'm always open to new ideas and concepts.

(Case in point: found out a few months ago that my dad--a good Christian, but not one of those scary bible-beating assholes--doesn't believe that all the stories in the Bible are true. I was surprised by that. He thinks that most of them (like the Job story) are parables. Job never existed. Which makes sense, but it was sort of surprising for me.) My dad's always breaking barriers. He's the coolest. ^_^

Well, have to go to school chapel now (I HATE manditory chapel--it doesn't MEAN anything to anybody).

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