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Well, today was fun. When one of my sophomores heard that I do wa-daiko and ikebana, he said "Gureito" ("Great"). I felt just like GTO (oh, my hot-hot-hero!) I had to give a speech in each of the freakin' SIX classes I had to teach today. During one of the classes, a kid put these massive red straws up his nose and started tarding all over the place. It was SO hard not to laugh.

I watched London Hearts last night (I KNOW that show is evil, but I can't help it, I'm a mega-fan) and they had this flirting game on there that I had totally forgotten about (Nob, you'll love this if you haven't heard of it already, which you probably have). You get two people and each puts their mouth on one end of a stick of pocky. At the signal (usually made by a third party member--they play these kinds of games at 合コン, or dating parties) they eat the pocky until their lips meet. It's a very weird game, and part of the fun is to see who is chompin' down on the pocky faster than the other.

I really like teaching--it comes so naturally to me--but today, I walked by one of the windows in the hallway, looking down on the courtyard (yeah, the high school has a courtyard) and I looked off into the mountains swathed in clouds and I just had this feeling like I was made for something even greater than what I'm doing here. I dunno. Maybe it was just a swell of emotion from the beauty of the scenery, or maybe it was heartburn, but I had this feeling of destiny slowly creep through me. No, creep isn't the word....it worked its way through me like light filtering through trees or glass. It warmed me. I felt holy and justified (if that makes any sense).

School is closing for the day; gotta go.

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