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Amendment to the previous FYI

Don't forget to look at the blurb at the top of each page--above the banner (why the hell they put the fucking banner in the middle of my page is beyond me). ::blindrage::

Angelfire can kiss my digital ass.

Also, all the pix are rollover, too, so just hold the mouse over each picture to see the color version (for the pictures that have color). I just sit for hours, "coloring" and "uncoloring" each picture. Roll-on, roll-off. Roll-on, roll-off. I have no life.

I think the pixels are all lined up, but if anything's off, lemme know.

Also, lemme know what you think of the pictures themselves. The coloring got warped because I colored them in using a Photoshop demo (but you couldn't save in the demo version) and copied the computer screen and saved that as a jpeg in paint which totally fucked up the coloring in some parts. Also, I was using a scanner that was supposed to be a copier, and I couldn't clean up the originals in the Photoshop demo (there wasn't a mask mode), so the pix are pretty dirty (as in dirt, not porn).

I haven't even looked at this webpage in over a year. It's kind of embarrassing to look at now. And some of the shit on there is SO OLD. (It's like that wrapping paper my mom got for my aunt's birthday: "Things older than you: dinosaurs, rocks, dirt, etc.")

Well, I'm going to go home, draw some more, and then tonight I'm going to try a new recipe: steaks with bacon-dijon sauce.

Oh, yeah.

P.S. I've been reading Terry Pratchett's Discworld Book "Hogfather." It's fucking brilliant. I'm borrowing it from Dan and he has nearly all the other Discworld books with him here. I'm in heaven. ^_^

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