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Dammit, I did it again

Here's the thing: I always have these revelations just before getting into or whilst standing in el shower-o. And I think, "Damn, I'm so wicked-cool for thinking this shit." And my next thought is always, "I'll never forget this thought. Never. Ever. Ever." And the next morning every last vestige of the thought is gone. There's nothing left in my brain. (Disclaimer: this in no way insinuates that every thought I have in the shower either a) makes sense or b) is intelligent. Quite frequently I think to myself, "If I forgot to buy more shampoo ONE MORE TIME....")

Can you tell I've been reading a Discworld novel? (Unfortunately, "Hogfather" doesn't have Rincewind in it, but it does have Ridcully, who nearly makes up for the absence.)

So what I'm trying to say is: I had a thought but now it's gone and tonight as I hop into shower it'll come back to me and tomorrow it'll be gone again. My mind is like a plastic spatula that's been jammed into an electric egg-beater. It fucks everything up and will probably catch on fire in the end.

I drew a bit yesterday and I was SOOOOO disappointed with my work. I had drawn beautifully Sunday night, but last night it was awful. So I put it aside and took a nap and came back and looked at it and it was just fine. I have fucking lost my spatula (mind). It was slightly off, but nothing a few extra lines couldn't fix.

WHAT is my problem?!

Last night I tried that new recipe for bacon-dijon steak and although the steak was good and the sauce was nice, I had sort of forgotten that I'm not really a huge fan of pork products, so I didn't appreciate the porky flavor of the beef. (Although I bet it'll make a kick-ass sandwich later.) I always make sandwiches out of leftovers. I love sandwiches.

Actually, the Earl of Sandwich didn't invent the sandwich. He asked his kitchen staff to come up with a way for him to have his meals while he played cards. So the sandwich was actually invented by the Kitchen Staff of Sandwich.

It's not even lunchtime yet and I'm exhausted.

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