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I'm starting to see the faint outline of my long-lost four-pack. I've missed my four-pack so badly (yet managed to forget I'd even had one until about 2 weeks ago). The initial two-pack is coming in more clearly every day.

Ab's abs are tight. (If only I can get rid of the jelly they're hiding behind....)

I started doing upside-down push-ups again. Well, I started by just holding myself in place for a minute or so (I don't actually have the strength to do a real upside-down push-up yet). Basically, you do a handstand (preferrably close to a wall or something you can bump up against to keep your balance) and then you bend your arms until your head almost touches the ground. Then you straighten your arms back up again. That's one. I learned them from Zeph (although Tagg may have taught him). I used to be able to do mini ones, but I'm SO out of shape, I can't do anything. (Although now I can do 20 push-ups really easily.) Guess I'll have to bump that number up again.

It's good getting back into shape. I mean, at first, when it's all pain and you don't see any results, it sucks, but--for me, anyway--after the initial disappointment I start to improve very, very quickly. Things get easier and my body starts responding to the abuse. And after a while, it feels good. I would start lifting weights, but part of me feels a little weird working out with my students (there's a weight room on campus that teachers and students are allowed to use). I love having a solid body that's all pumped muscle. I am SO buying a bikini this summer.

Fuh-feel the burn.

I was totally struck this morning by a thought that hasn't plagued me in about 8 years: there are independent minds in other bodies and they don't all think or perceive things in the same way that I do. It was one of those, "Whoa, freaky!" moments that just grab you from behind and then run off into the shadows.

Then I wonder how many of those minds actually THINK in those bodies. I am constantly thinking. There is a perpetual (often sarcastic) monologue rolling around between my ears (I love that expression: between the ears).

I'm wearing my new, pale-blue uniqlo shirt today. It has a slightly green tinge to it. (I look like a big, ole, honkin' mint wearing black pants.)

Ah, I just remembered my previous thought! I was looking around at keenspot and, aside from Sinfest (luvluvluv), the artwork generally sucks. (Tatsuya Ishida is AWESOME--I fell in love with his work about 5 or so years ago. How he manages to draw something everday amazes me. I've read everything, but I still want the books for my birthday.) Which made me feel a LOT better about my work. My work is a little off now and again, but it doesn't just outright blow. When I have more (aka ANY) time, I'll get a real webpage and put up my comics (assuming I finish any of them). I have to say, though, working 12 hours a day and needing 10 hours of sleep a night doesn't make for time to do ANYTHING. Luckily, my commute is a mere 7 minutes a day (5 min. up the hill and 2 min. down--it's a very steep hill).

Now I can bike to school WITHOUT having a heart attack. (Although the pain I experienced that one time last month was pretty amazing--it was like somebody was shooting up my thoracic cavity with several lemonade slushies.) And I discovered that biking uphill with a higher gear is easier (I have NO idea why). Probably because Japanese bikes are the devil.

Ooooooh, did I talk about that amazing おにぎり? I think I did, but I'm going to talk about it again. It is TOTALLY the high point of my workday. (Yes, my job sucks ass.) Soft, salted seaweed on the outside, moist, sticky rice on the inside, and carefully nestled within is a thick, juicy piece of glazed salmon. Ooooooooh, the joy. And for a mere 168 yen! A mere 194 kcal! A mere 2.1 g of fat! Oooooooh, my sweet onigiri! You bring me so much joy.

Okay, now I REAAAAAAAAALLY have to get back to work. Teachers' meeting this afternoon which means I may be here late anyway. Must finish all prep BEFORE then, or else I'll NEVER get out of here.


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