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OML, I absolutely MUST see this movie (click on 次の画像 to go to the next picture). It looks absolutely amazing. It's called CASSHERN and I have NO idea what it's about, but the colors are SO bright and yet the movie looks SO dark. It's incredible. I half wonder if Amano Yoshitaka did the storyboards for the film. They apparently made a semi-okay-looking anime (15 episodes) of the original "Casshern" story during the seventies, but this one's a live-action flick. It's classified as a Sci-Fi/Fantasy film. ::boo-ya::

Look at this and TELL me you aren't intrigued.

Besides, the main guy's really hot. ^_^ He's Japanese and he has BLUE EYES, so help me, BLUE EYES (yep, that's a "Christmas Story" reference).

Ooh, Coke is sponsoring the production of Lupin the 3rd figurines! Eep! ::mustbuy:: ::mustresist::

Okay, so another quote (yeah, yeah).

From pages 547-548:

Philip was silent. He felt rather silly. He understood that Hayward was being driven by an uneasiness in his soul which he could not account for. Some power within him made it seem necessary to go and fight for his country. It was strange, since he considered patriotism no more than a prejudice, and, flattering himself on his cosmopolitanism, he had looked upon England as a place of exile. His countrymen in the mass wounded his susceptibilities. Philip wondered what it was that made people do things which were so contrary to all their theories of life. It would have been reasonable for Hayward to stand aside and watch with a smile while the barbarians slaughtered one another. It looked as though men were puppets in the hands of an unknown force, which drove them to do this and that; and sometimes they used their reason to justify their actions; and when this was impossible they did the actions in despite of reason.

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