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So much to say and so little time....

There are so many things that have happened since I last wrote in my lj. Last night I was here 'til 8:00pm, grading summer reading journals. 300 students is, I think, about 299 too many, sometimes.

My English has gotten worse since I got here, and I've only been here two and a half weeks.

I think I'm going to go to Kyoto this weekend, to visit old friends, my host family (my way-hot host brother, Kou-chan), etc.

I guess since it's an all-boys' school, the students don't really think about it, but they are constantly lifting up their shirts or taking off their clothes in class. It's really distracting. I was talking with Ashizawa-sensei and Yamamoto-sensei today about how some of the students are really, really hot. This one kid pulled up his shirt this morning and his stomach was absolutely ripped. He had this dark tan and super-abs and all I could think was, "Why didn't they look like that when I was 16?"

There's also this other kid in one of my classes and he just stares and stares at me, even if I'm not the one talking. He's actually really pretty (although a little young). He was staring at me today, so I stared back into his eyes and he just kept looking deeper and deeper into my eyes and then he finally broke away. I wanted to outstare him, to get him to cut it out, but he stared at me so long....It was weird. Japanese people normally have this great aversion to staring someone in the face (remember Kensuke? He never looked at anybody), so it was strange to have that boy looking straight into my eyes. If he were my age (and not my student) I'd be all over him. But he's not my age, and he is my student, so it's just a passing thought.

I was watching this anime last night called Naruto. The plot is lame--nothing EVER happens--and the dialogue is sad, but the characters are so deliciously designed that I watch the stupid show anyway. The thing I wanted to mention, though, was that during the beginning of the show, there's a little disclaimer. The disclaimer totally makes up for the plot. It more or less translates to: "When watching anime, please sit in a well-lighted room at a reasonable distance from the television. Thank you." How hilarious is that?

There was a listening practice that Nishimuro-sensei and I did in our sophomore classes. It has Sir Bobby Charlton talking (like a moron) about soccer. He uses the word "professionalism" at one point. The kids in the class--obviously--didn't get the word at all--they kept asking if he was saying "Beckham." When Nishimuro-sensei finally wrote it on the board, one kid bent over strangely and said, "Crazy ward!" (He meant "Crazy word.")

Eck, there were so many things I wanted to write about and I can't think of any of them now. (Did I mention the crusty sheets, the food-stained dishes, and the 3-inch cockroach? If not, I'll save those savory tidbits for next time.) Oooooh, and I'll have to talk about humiliating this kid in class today that I absolutely wanted to kill. But that'll have to come later. I have a studpid dinner-meeting in 45 minutes and I have to stop by home first. Sigh. Having to be everywhere at once is such a chore.

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