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Wedding Plans

Mia's starting to hammer out the initial details for the wedding. She's making me one of her bridesmaids ::shock:: so I begged her not to make me wear a purple fat-suit with poofy sleeves. The dress she picked out is pretty, but I hate how the model is shaped NOTHING like I am, so it's hard to visualize.

(I emailed Mia and asked her if the dress came with or without the bird.)

Birds poop.

I teach 1st, 2nd, and 6th periods on Tuesdays, which really blows. I have all this time in the middle to do stuff. Un/fortunately, I have little that needs to be done (but that'll change pretty soon).

Tomorrow's the last real day of school this week! Yay! Thursday I'm going to sit at home and dick around on the internet (which I now have at home!) and play more Diablo II (I haven't played that in months and I never finished it).

I need a good computer or video game SO BADLY it hurts. I'm such a junkie and I'm out of "drugs."

I also discovered that I'm a glutton for that show Extreme Makeovers. I love looking at REALLY ugly people and watching them get made all beautiful. Although, in the show's favor, I have to admit that they DO do a good job of the whole thing. I mean, they ham it up, but--I feel--they're really helping people. I'd want to go on the show just for the free cosmetic surgery, but it's not like I have problems I can't cope with like the people on the show do. The more I watch the show (and the more I realize I have no money), I've narrowed down my "list of things to fix."

-Nose: straighten it, and smooth out the bridge that's been broken a thousand times (I can conjure up the smell of a broken nose in my mind--that's how many times I've broken it)
-Eyes: get rid of extra skin (I can't put on eye makeup well because my eyelids slide around--it's fucking annoying and dangerous--I'm always stabbing myself in the eye with eyeliner), and get rid of the sunken area under my eyes
-Teeth: straight teeth and a straight smile (one side goes up further than the other when I smile)
-Neck: I have no neck. Repeat: I HAVE NO NECK. Which would be great if I were a football-player, but I'm not. I'd like to get rid of the excess skin under my chin (my chin slopes directly into my collarbones) and at the back of the neck
-Chest: I wouldn't want implants, but I WOULD like the excess fat and skin removed from the crease of my arms and along my sides. It's totally disgusting, like I have six boobs or something. I mean, nobody's ever complained, but it REALLY bothers me, and the push-ups haven't solved the problem
-Waist: I have no waist. And I want a real six-pack, so I'd like the fat pumped out of there to give me a waistline and a flat stomach
-Butt: Okay, okay, I have a bubble-butt. (Abby got back.) And it's really flattering that black guys are always complimenting me on it ("Girl, you got a black ass!"), but NOTHING FITS, it makes my body look out of proportion since I have no boobs, and in Japan, having a butt AT ALL is a bad thing. I'm the only person in this country with back. No joke. The idea of people getting butt implants just confuses and creeps me out. (I mean, wouldn't they pop when you sat down?) So maybe I'd like a little bit taken off the back, just so I didn't stick OUT so much. Being a white girl with a black ass just doesn't MESH very well.
-Thighs: my thighs are pretty much okay, but (like the other women in my family) my hips are actually sort of inverted, so my thighs are closer together than they should be, which means that the insides rub together (even when I was at my skinniest--starving myself down to 117 lbs--they rubbed together). And when it's hot and I'm wearing jeans, I can get rug-burn, basically. So I'd like the fat suctioned out of there, too, just for comfort reasons

So there's my big list of things to have done. Obviously, were I to actually have plastic surgery done, I wouldn't do EVERYTHING (I'll never have enough money for that), but still. I guess my top three things are: nose, chest, and inner thighs. I can certainly live with them (I have up 'til now), but they do bother me a little (and in the case of my inner thighs, it's painful sometimes).

My 2000-calorie diet is working just fine. I don't overeat, but I'm never hungry. And I'm exercising every day, which is far more important than how much I eat. Saying no to food when I'm not hungry has never been a problem for me and still isn't. I feel bad for Mom and Beanie, 'cuz I know they have trouble with that. Guess I got Dad's mentality toward food. It's something semi-enjoyable that I need to stay alive. Mom told me about this survey they did and among overweight people, about 60% or so said they'd rather eat than have sex. WTF?! I mean, I guess if you're really overweight, you wouldn't feel comfortable having sex, but STILL.

Unbelievable and sad.

Well, I'd better get to work.

Must finish Eihan stuff.


P.S. No word back from Shun. Damn.


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Apr. 26th, 2004 08:16 pm (UTC)
AHHHHHHH! You are beautiful!

thats not the dress!! hehe. #509 at Bill Levkoff....some others too. I think the one you have here is #505...Oh too many!

YES! You have to carry the bird! lol
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