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Well, I made mashed potatoes for the first time ever last night. They weren't very good, but it's better than having to eat spaghetti yet AGAIN. I had white rice (yes, even I can use a rice-cooker), only it made WAY more than I thought it would. I mean, I know the rice gets bigger when it cooks, 'cuz it soaks up all the water and stuff, but PLEASE. I had enough for a family of eight. I also had salad (the same salad I've been working off for about half a week now). It was pretty good--cabbage, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers (well, at least sorry Japanese excuses for cucumbers), these white bean-sprouty thingies that I can't think of the name of just now, and crab meat. I topped it with italian dressing and it was at the same time refreshing and mildly disgusting. Oh, well. I liked it well enough to eat it on multiple occasions this past week.

For the mashed potatoes I used SIX Japanese-sized potatoes (that means really freaking small, like the size of those funny red potatoes), and it barely made enough mashed potatoes for two. Unfortunately, there's only me, so I'll have to eat my mashed potatoes again soon. Ew.

Zeph said that it's a matter of confidence, not skill. The more I cook (mostly because I'm getting really tired of the same thing every night), the more I realize that that isn't true. I feel so confident when I cook. It feels like chem class, only I didn't do so hot in AP chem and I'm not doing too well in AP cooking here, either. The stuff I make LOOKS great, it just tastes so bland. Or just tastes downright awful.

I had my seniors work through Frank Stockton's "The Lady or the Tiger" today. They really liked it. ^_^

A group of us living in Canaan House (what a name for an apartment complex, I know--it's especially ironic because Canaan was the land of giants and all the people living in Canaan House are foreigners, which means we all look like giants here in Japan) went out Friday night. We had a meeting first (3 glasses of white wine for me) then a smaller group of us (Margaret, Dan, Sarah, Eric, and his wife Noriko, and I) went to Masaya, a small snack (yakitori) kinda place, not quite an izakaya (countless, countless small glasses of beer). I didn't get drunk at all. It was like, "Why am I wasting my money drinking?" There was a guy at Masaya that Sarah liked--his name is Shima, as in "island"--and she kept trying to take pictures of him with her phone. It was very cute, except for the fact that she has a really hot boyfriend already, so us poor single folks felt a little miffed (everybody except Eric and Noriko). Then Sarah and Dan and I went to the Junk Spot, this cute little billiards bar (fuzzy navel and blue china). We played darts twice and I won both times (go figure; I've never won at darts before in my life). I was hitting 'em right-on; it was amazing. The "Junk Master," the so-called owner of the Junk Spot, is this hairy little man who likes to show off his hairy belly and chest. Weird weird weird.

At the Junk Spot, the Junk Master has this cute little girl who works with him (I forgot her name). She had found a beetle on the floor and put it in a clean ashtray with a coke bottle cap full of water. The Junk Master filled a pitcher with dirt and made a home for it while we were there. Poor beetle.

(At some point I need to talk about going out to Sannomiya with Miho, Sarah, Dan, and a kid whose name I forgot, too--Masa, maybe?)

Well, I was going to talk about something else, but I forgot what it was.

By the way, it's so gorgeous outside it's the kind of weather that makes you feel so amazed at life. It makes you glad to be alive, it makes you want to escape out into wide spaces and fling your arms open and take in all the beauty in the world. (The people who saw me on the street must have thought I was crazy.) ^_~

I get tomorrow off--yeehaw!--so it'll be a little lonely in lj land again.

Much love.

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