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Working on that short piece

And getting nowhere. I half-drew two pages. That was over a month ago. I haven't drawn anything since except a couple of poses for the assassin series I have yet to find a title for.

The short piece is called "Bite the Hand that Beats You." As you can see, I've only done the bottom frame on the first page, and the shadows are all too heavily done, so they actually look more like nets than shadows. It's pretty embarrassing, really.

The second page isn't much better. I like the bottom frame on this one (for some reason I seem to be luckier with the bottom frame than with the top ones), but the top two are pretty shameful, even if the perspective is right in the upper-left frame.

Each page took the better part of an afternoon to draw.

It's humiliating, but maybe this'll help me get my butt in gear.

I'm also including the unfinished pose I drew for the assassin series with no name (maybe I should call it "The Assassin Series With No Name"). The character's name is either going to be Mado or Sebry. I haven't decided yet.

You'll have to excuse the quality of the pix: I don't have a scanner, so I've been using my digital camera to take pictures of my stuff. Which would be great if I were using ebay or something, but for what I need it to be, it isn't that great. (I do love my digicam, though.)

Well, it's really freaking late and I have to clean house tomorrow (BIG SPRING CLEANING GOING DOWN).


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