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Can't Hardly Wait

I just watched "Can't Hardly Wait" again. It's the dumbest movie ever, and it's way below my intellectual level, but I absolutely love it. I seriously went to high school with the people in that movie. And I was the sarcastic, unpopular girl with a really small group of close friends who hated the people she had been friends with as a kid but was abandoned by later. I don't remember the character's name in the movie, but I was SO her in high school.

Plus, it always makes me want to have sex afterwards. Seth Green's "sex scene" is SO cute. Besides, anybody who's read my journal in the past few months knows about how Seth Green gets me going.

He is SO hot in those geeky yellow goggles. It gets me every time.

(Wow, my grammar in here is really childish and I've said "SO" about every other word. Maybe I shouldn't watch that movie again for a while.) ::badbrainvibes::

I'm in the middle of drawing the first frames for "That Assassin Series Without a Name" or whatever I called it. I decided to stop using regular pens and to go for the old-fashioned ones you have to dip in ink AND THE DIFFERENCE IS INCREDIBLE! I thought it would be general suckiness all over the page, but the lines are so perfect. There's no wobbling or inconsistency in ink distribution or anything. They're so perfect I want to marry them.

I cleaned my bedroom, my bathroom, and the kitchen today. It took forever, but stuff looks great. I also pinned the modular cable to the wall so I'm not tripping over it all the time. And I did buttloads of laundry. And I changed the sheets on my bed and poisoned the mattress. (Damn __.) I still check the dust in my apartment every once in a while to see if they're back, but so far so good. I'm sure I've ingested enough poison at this point that I probably ooze it out my pores or something, so I don't really need to poison the apartment anymore. I'm like a poison-auto-dispenser or something.

Tomorrow I'm going to clean the main room. ::dread:: Brett's coming over around 6:30pm-ish, I assume, so I have to have everything cleaned and ready by then. Tomorrow's Mary's Cinqo de Mayo (sp?) party. She's making burros (big burritos) for everybody. And she bought tequila--but everybody's going to bring their own booze anyway. And she's going to be showing "Lost in Translation," the irony of which is that we all live in Japan and none of us have seen it yet. Brett's crashing here tonight so he can stay longer.

I was actually going to go to Hamamatsu today and crash at Shun's tonight--for the Hamamatsu Matsuri, and to see him, of course--but that plan fell through. But I'm definitely going next year. Wish I had gotten to see him, though. Poor guy had to go by himself.

Oh, well, I sated myself by watching Seth Green. ::happyandhorny::

Better get back to drawing. This comic isn't going to draw itself and tomorrow's going to be spent cleaning the rest of the apartment.

Two minute sketch I drew just now to see if my grayscale markers would work:

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