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I painted my nails

Two days ago while watching "Can't Hardly Wait" and they're this nasty pink (gimme a break, I got it at the "Everything's 100 Yen" Store). But they're so long and pretty I keep looking at them. My nails have never looked this good before. In spite of the ew-pink, they're really shiny and girly and nice.

Lord, who AM I?

Cleaned like a maniac yesterday and my apartment is so clean I don't even recognize it. (I think I've said that aloud to myself about 3 times now.)

Picked Brett up at Kotoen Station and we made a beer run before heading to my apartment to drop off our stuff. He got a six-pack of regular Asahi and I got a six-pack of Asahi Aqua Blue. (Yay Aqua!) He gaped at the size of my apartment (he's living in one of those Leo Palace shit holes on Senbon-Dori where Jayme--I can't remember how to spell his name--lived). He kept poking around, agog at all the space.

As I stepped into the living/dining/den/whatever room, I saw a little lizard on the floor! He was exactly the same color as the carpet and he was so cute! Unfortunately, he was about 4 inches from nose to tail, which means that any bugs that size or smaller can get in as well. Hopefully he'll eat any bugs that come in.

Plugged in my bug-deflecting poison thingy yesterday and am currently inhaling poison. I'm so covered in bug bites I think I'm gonna scream (either that or I've broken out in hives). On the bright side, at least the poison--that apparently doesn't work--doesn't smell.....

So Brett and I headed to Mary's and had a really good time--although some fucker drank THREE of my beers. Dammit. It was BYOB, not DYNB (Drink You Neighbor's Beer). I should have done what Mika and Kathy did--they were hoarding their chu-hi in the back bedroom, which was really lame, but was smarter, I guess. I bet they drank my beer and then broke into their own stash. Dammit.

Well, I had my three beers, a melon chu-hi that Dan gave me, and a lemon chu-hi that was sitting around--I was bitter about my missing beer, so I drank that out of spite. (Actually, I bet Caleb drank my beer. He's such a cheap-ass. That fucker.) And then I mixed two drinks for myself with gin, lime flavoring, and water. They were great.

My speech was getting a little slurred, but it wasn't too bad--although Toshimitsu asked me where Brett was going to spend the night and I MEANT to say he was going to sleep at my place, but instead I said he was going to LIVE at my place. Oops. (What can I say, I was mildly drunk and trying to speak in Japanese).

Michelle didn't go because apparently she was feeling really sick. Eh heh. My bad. I think she got my cold. That's why you should never share beer! ::hoardsbeer::

I consumed two burros (big burritos) during the course of the party. They were great. I miss Mexican food so badly.

The party finally ended and Brett and I went back to my place. I was tipsy enough to want to fool around, but Brett's a really nice guy and I'm horribly shy, so I set up the couch-bed for him, took a shower, and went to bed. Tried to get off but it didn't work--it's true, what they say about alcohol lowering your ability--so I just gave up and was totally conked out in milliseconds. By the time I woke up, Bretty had already showered and left.

I drew and drew and messed around in my super-clean apartment and did some laundry and drew and took a picture of the drawing--it was only the first two frames of the "Assassin Series Without a Name"--and played around with it in Photoshop for a little while, but it isn't very good. It's depressing, really.

Made a collage of pictures of Seth Green I got off the internet and set it up as the wallpaper on my computer. Every time I close a window, I just sit and stare like a moron.

I'm so pathetic.

Listened to "The Background" today. That song still makes me cry. I hadn't listened to it since all that ugliness during my sophomore year at college. That 3EB album was awesome. I wonder what I did with it. Better try and find it when I go home this summer.

I'm so exhausted. And I have to go back to work tomorrow.

I hate my job.


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