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The scars on my right arm have been itching all day. I've been scratching like crazy. (No, you can't itch an itch.) They're now more like crossed hash-marks. Red one way, white the other. (Sounds like something from Alice in Wonderland.)

My exercise regimen last night: 50 regular crunches (legs straight up), 50 concentrated crunches (legs down, focusing on the upper abs, shallow), 100 oblique crunches (50 each side), 10 military-style push-ups (nose to the floor--glad I don't have a tiny nose, too bad I don't have a long neck), 40 girly push-ups (but with abs totally sucked in, which makes it that much harder), 40 inner-leg lifts (20 each side). That's my light day. Today was a hard (=aerobic) day: 45 minutes of pilates-inspired aerobics (25 minutes standing work, 15 minutes mat work). I'm all sweaty (which sucks in this hot apartment), but I feel good.

Once I start to lose weight, it just comes flying off. I'm a glutton for self-discipline. Once I start doing it, it gets easier and easier. How I ever got this chunky in the first place is beyond me. I love being in shape. I love exercising. I love the burn. I love raising the bar on myself (literally--barbells--and figuratively).

Reminds me of this show I taped last night. The Japanese title roughly translates to "Let's Watch World Videos!" or something like that. They always show these crazy home videos and commercials and stuff that would never make it past American censors. It's great. Last night was "Chou (as in "really," not "intestines") Shocking Videos." They weren't shitting, either. Some of them weren't that great, but there was one where a guy was doing that stupid weight-lifting thing where they lift an immensely heavy bar over their heads and hold it for a few seconds. Unfortunately for him, he stumbled SIDEWAYS and the weights LANDED ON HIS HEAD. It was horrible. And, 'cuz it's Japanese TV, they replayed it three times (twice in slow-mo).

There's this cup of what used to be water and is now water with lots of ink in it, that I use to clean off the nibs I used for working on my comic. I have this tendency to drink whatever's around me--so long as it's mine--without thinking about it. I set out these barriers of what's mine and what's not. Unfortunately, everything in this room fits within those bounds, so I'm always slightly afraid I'm going to take a big gulp of it and be extremely sorry. I calls to me, "Drink me, Abby! Drink me!" Only, it's water in a glass, so it's more like, "Blurglhgluyghyrhgyulkgkygyg....."

Reworked the first page of "That Assassin Series Without a Name" and it RAWKS. I just sat for half a day with issues #4 and [what I've read of] #5 in my lap and absorbed Kishiro's style and now I'm a goddess of manga motion. Boo-yah. (Which reminds me, the first time I saw the kanji for "room"--heya--I thought it was pronounced "buya." Hahahaha. I still laugh at me.)

I dreamed a few nights ago that I was fighting somebody, but I couldn't see who it was. Mostly, it was just a big nose that looked eerily similar to my own. I kept punching and punching, but I would hold back at the last second and miss. I couldn't connect a hit because I was constantly restraining myself, which was really pissing me off. I was getting the shit beaten out of me--not that I could tell, but I figured, if I'm not kicking ass, I'm probably getting my ass kicked--and that was pissing me off even more. (But I'm always pissed, so what difference does it make?) I Freud'ed it a little and realized that I hate my nose, but I don't want to do anything about it. Besides, the "my nose" was hiding half in shadow, so it wasn't a very fair fighter. And that pissed me off, too. There was a spotlight on me the whole time, so I had light in my eyes, a "don't hit anybody" complex happening, and I was fighting a clone of my evil nose. Which is strange, 'cuz recently I've come to terms with it. Or at least, I thought I had.

Sometimes a nose is just a nose. And sometimes it's my nose. ^_^


I converted all the Japanese (as in nationality) English (as in subject) part-time teachers to Sinfest-ism. Emiko has started to read it on her own. She doesn't get the humor at all, so I'm going to have to do a LOT of explaining soon. I told her about the gossip that happened, thanks to her flowers. She laughed that she was my boyfriend. Carolyn made a funny face. Sigh. Some people.

Well, I have a million other things to write about--I made a list during today's evil meeting--but it's wicked late (thanks to same evil meeting), so I'd better eat and get to bed. (Onigiri, a salad, and miso soup. Score! And at less than 500 kcal, I'm more than meeting today's quota.)



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May. 11th, 2004 10:18 am (UTC)
reading your exercize thing exhausted me -- especially the stomach stuff. That's the only area that i really need to do lots of work one, but i've never foudn exercizes taht don't feel like i'm hurting or straining myself when i do them
May. 11th, 2004 06:43 pm (UTC)
LOL. ^_^

The trick is that you have to start small, and make sure your back is always flat on the floor. Also, short jerky movements are hard on your muscles, so long, slow movements are better.

Good luck!
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