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The Background

I've been listening to "The Background" again. It makes me sad, but for a totally different reason than it did before. When I used to listen to it, it was just a sad song about a guy losing a loved one. Now, there are certain lines that jump out at me.

"The plans I made still have you in them."

"The words they use so lightly I only feel for you."

Sometimes, I hurt.

Of course, this could have something to do with the fact that my medication ran out about a week ago, and the new stuff hasn't arrived yet. Could be.

Although I've had a fantastically good day today. It shouldn't have been good--I had to teach 5 different classes today and had to meet with students afterwards (ended up going for 2 hours), plus, I was nearly late for work this morning, and I knocked over all the bikes in the garage. Swore while I biked like a fiend up the hill to school. (Bonus from all the biking: I have KILLER muscles in my thighs now.) And I have no food to eat for dinner--and no money, 'cuz I haven't had the time to go to the bank.

Maybe it was seeing Dellming-sensei's rendition of some Shakespearean something or other this morning. Really cracked me up.

Speaking of crack, I need to buy some belts this weekend, 'cuz my pants hang down so low that when I bike, if my panties weren't fitted, I'd be flashing crack at all my students as I passed 'em on the way to school in the morning. Boo-ya! And they're starting to hang down a bit in front, too.

There are bats outside my window, eating the cloud of gnats that's been swarming before my window for the past few days. Eat 'em up!

Today, during my "special English practice session with Shelton-sensei," the boys started talking about the kinds of girls they like. A few said they like medium-sized ones (we had been talking about pudginess), then one said he liked 'em tall and thin and Hoshida went, "Awwwww, yeah" (in Japanese). It was awesome.

Wow, I can see my face reflected in the dark window 'cuz I'm sitting in a dark room with the light from the computer screen illuminating my face. When I sing along to music, I look wicked-cool. The lines in my face are coming back--the shadow under the cheekbones, the hollows around my smile. Even my chin and nose look good. Although, it makes my eyes look sad and a little saggy at the sides. In this light, I kind of look like Sebry. Weird.

I'm always afraid that somebody will complain about the proportions on Sebry's face and body, then will take a look at me and go, "Oh, I get it now." OUCH. I can just see it now. "Why are the necks so strangely drawn?" "Uh....if you'd look at what I have to work with...." "OH! I get it!"

Ooh, better go get ready to record another episode of Naruto. Man, I love that show. And it just got REALLY good. This guy looking for Sasuke (is that his name? I can't remember) who has the same funny-eye thingy that that [super-sexy] teacher with the white hair has in his left eye shows up with a guy WHO LOOKS LIKE A SHARK. He has shark eyes and gills on his face and super-sharp teeth and a big club that's covered in this stuff that rips through stuff like sharkskin does when you rub it the wrong way. Boo-yaaaaaa!

Gotta go!

(Btw, I'm listening to Live now, and I'm not so lonely anymore.)

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