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Can we say "alcoholic?"

Hahahahahahahaha. I'm drunk again. Dunno when my last drunk entry was, but I'm sure it was too soon.

Met a really hot guy who goes to Oxford. He's really hot. His name's Jeff and I wanted to "pull" him--I learned a new word: to "pull" means to make out with somebody in British English. Not that you have to use British English when you do it--rather, it means to make out with somebody and it's a term the Brits use.

Things I drank tonight: a Heineken, a spumoni (bought for me by a guy at a nearby table at Outback), and 2 pitchers of beer that Jeff and I shared while Michelle--met her for the first time tonight and it was her birthday--and Ashley sat there slightly less than sober from their three drinks. They were pretty tipsy.

Jeff is definitely up there on the "potential fuckbuddy" list. Just 'cuz it would be fun. And he's cute. And I'm drunk.


Better go shower now. Actually, I'm not THAT drunk, but I like to think I am. Ran and caught the last train out of Osaka. The LAST train. By the time I got to Nishi-Kita, there weren't any trains left and I had to take a taxi the rest of the way. Had a nice conversation with the cab driver--he's married to a Chinese lady and we talked about international shit and I apologized about 3 times for being drunk. I probably REEK of beer. (Which reminds me of that story I wrote about people being drunk and smelling the beer on each other--which, consequently, doesn't happen.)

OOOOOOOH, we saw a Japanese girl's butt-crack. She was sitting at this pub--we went to this place called the "Pig & Whistle," an "authentic" U.K. pub--and her pants were too low and she probably had no panties on and her butt-crack was eye-level with us and it was hilarious. There were a good 4 inches of crack there. Being tipsy didn't help things--we were tipsy, not her butt-crack. Ashley took a picture of it with her keitai cam.

REALLY need to shower, now.

Boy, I could have done it with that Jeff guy. He was really cute, and he's a good beer drinker, so he's definitely my type. And his British accent was to die for. Hahahahahahahaha. I would get off tonight, but considering how much alcohol is in my system, it wouldn't be worth all the time and effort. Am still thinking about that Jeff guy, though. I'll probably get off on him tomorrow night.

Oh, yeah.


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