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In other news....

My belt was 316 yen. That's about 3 bucks. It was worth every penny. (Even though I didn't spend pennies on it.) But seriously, it's a great belt and it does what it's supposed to do and best of all, it was dirt cheap (no, please don't say that stupid "dirt dirt cheap cheap" thing--I HATE that commercial).

Biked home in the rain. Big, fat, wet drops splunking all over the place. It was great, but it's a little chilly, so I'm kinda cold now (will probably come down with the flu in a day or two). Ooooh, that reminds me: I was gonna make some hot chocolate....

::hot cocoa break::

I rode home without my umbrella opened and I passed Jeff with some other students on their way down to the station. I said, "Hey," and he greeted me back and even waved. I feel the love. ^_^

Tonight'll be crunch night. My abs are dying to feel the burn.

Met with Nagata-kun for an hour after school today. That boy is so freaking cute. He talked about his little girlfriend and how she likes scary movies--her favorite movie is the [original] Japanese "Ring"--but he doesn't like them so he doesn't watch them with her very much. He also said that she's scared of the dark and jumps whenever anyone turns off the lights (no, I didn't ask him how he knew that). ^_~ Such a cutie!

Many things recently have made me realize that I'm completely over my last relationship and I'm more than healthy and ready to move onto the next one. The problem? THERE'S NOBODY HERE. I'm at the point now where I'd take on just about anybody, simply to be in a relationship for awhile (until I got bored). Or at least I'd like a replacement for my old fuckbuddy. Well, technically he wasn't a REAL fuckbuddy, but still.... Just something to play with every once in a while.

It's sad: I can see myself turning into the kind of girl who gets into a relationship lightly and explains up front that it's just for fun, but the guy really falls for her eventually and she's still distant and finally ends the relationship and the guy's heartbroken. I can SO see that happening. Which is sick and ironic, because I've always been the one putting everything into the relationship. Doing special little things to make it all the more magical. Always thinking of the next beautiful thing to make for the one I love. Maybe my romantic candle has burned to the hilt and I just don't have the same kind of energy I used to. Of course, that's probably because I'm not actually in love with anybody right now.

How weird. For the first time in.....uh......forever (?) I'm not in love with ANYBODY. Anybody. At all. Well, other than myself, naturally. ^_^

I'm tired of being the only one who worships me, though. Is it really a religion if there's only one follower? Can a single person preach to herself alone and still be considered a preacher? Something inside me says no, but that may be the refried beans I just ate.

Came up with another one of my "classic quotes": something that'll never be said, but is so true and would RULE as a line in a story or comic book. Here goes: "See, it's not the boy, it's the toy." ^_^ I rather liked that one. (To clarify: it's about using toys while having sex with a guy and realizing that it wasn't the guy that made you cum.)

Well, gonna go find something to do with myself. I'll probably get started on those 50 push-ups. My goal is to be doing 100 push-ups (50 of which are military-style) every other day by the time summer vacation rolls around. Well, that's my goal, anyway....

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